IAS Success Story: Development of a small village and Hindi medium has decided the journey from IPS to IAS


Success Story of IAS Topper Vikash Meena: Topper Vikas Meena of 2017 is a great example for those candidates who feel that if they are from Humble background and their medium is Hindi, then it will be very difficult for them to take the UPSC exam. Vikas belongs to a small village in Rajasthan and his early education took place here.

Development has always had the challenge of achieving its goals amidst very limited resources. He neither got much facilities nor much guidance. However, in such an environment, development always gave its best. In UPSC too, Vikas gave two attentions and both of them got selected. He was first elected to the post of IPS and later selected to the post of IAS. Vikas spoke about his journey in an interview to Delhi Knowledge Track. Vikas told what the candidates should and should not do.

Vikas was also skeptical about the medium –

Both Vikas and his brother came to Delhi on the instructions of their father and started taking room with UPSC. During the time when Vikas shifted to Delhi, at that time there was not a good phase in the UPSC for the Hindi medium people and very few candidates were selected through this medium.

However, Vikas soon removed this fear from his mind and started preparing with his brother without caring about the result. This confidence of development came to their work and they were successful in passing this difficult exam in their first attempt. While the candidates crave a success, Vikas gave two prompts and was selected in both.

Watch here the interview given by Vikas Meena to Delhi Knowledge Track –

If this happens, do not panic –

Vikas says that despite studying many times throughout the year, one day before the examination, the candidates feel that they do not know anything. It is caused by fear of paper. If this happens to you too, do not panic at all, it is quite normal. This fear is just fear, do not take it seriously. If you have studied properly then you will do everything on exam day. Just keep your mind calm for this and no matter how nervous you are, try to get a good sleep before the exam.

The second important thing is not to make any assumptions about the paper. No one knows what kind of paper will come in which year. In such a situation, take the same decision there and behave as the paper is. As if you have a target of doing 90 questions and the paper is difficult, if you are able to ask less questions, do not take tension. This paper will be difficult for everyone, not empty, understand this. Do not make any kind of mind makeup and react according to the situation.

Small things –

Vikas says that this sounds very simple to listen to, but you should practice filling OMR sheets along with other things during your preparation. Keep this in mind on exam day too. Take care of one thing and keep in mind that as you solve the questions, you should also fill the OMR sheet. This work seems easy, but many times there is no time left for the same.

In the end, Vikas says that these things are small but very important. For example, in addition to the admit card in the exam hall, do not forget to carry other important things like ID, black point pen etc. Take it all out a day in advance. If possible before the exam, go and see the center so that there is no problem on that day. In the end, just so that you do not judge yourself according to the medium. On the basis of hard work, anyone can get success in this exam.

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