IAS Success Story: IIT graduate Atul becomes UPSC topper with rank 4 in second attempt, reach the floor from this strategy


Success Story of IAS Topper Atul Prakash: Atul Prakash, who topped the All India Rank Four in the year 2017, is from Buxar district of Bihar. Atul, who was always good in studies, took care of UPSC during graduation and during this time he started preparing. Considered to be comparatively difficult, this exam was attested by Atul twice and cleared both times. However, dissatisfied with the rank got in the first time, Atul took the exam again and broke the all-time record and became the topper with All India Rank 4. Thus Atul, a graduate from IIT, became an IAS in his second attempt. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Atul shared some tips for exam preparation.

Atul showed wisdom –

When Atul made up his mind to take the UPSC CSE exam, like the rest of the candidates, he did not only know about this exam but also knew what kind of work he has to do under the services that the candidate gets after getting selected. . This decision of Atul was very wise because he decided not to come into this field only after listening to the name and discussion of UPSC, but after thoroughly understanding its scope and seeing whether they were interested in doing this work They started preparations.

Atul used the Internet for this and collected as much information about the examination as possible from the toppers’ interviews, blogs, etc. For this, Atul also saw many websites available on the net and after knowing everything about the exam, XYZ started preparing. His college seniors also helped in this.

Watch the interview given by Atul Prakash on Delhi Knowledge Track –

Continuity is necessary –

Atul first took some time coaching to prepare for the exam, but within a short time he realized that self study is more important than coaching for preparing for this exam. Yes, just keep in mind that one should maintain consistency in studies. There is no such thing here that once or a day has been read and then gapped for a few days. This will not do. Here you have to read continuously and read daily.

The next important thing is Atul considers the test series. Not only this, Atul feels that he had solved fewer questions in the first attempt. If the answer writing practice was done properly, it would probably have reached the floor in the first time. Well, Atul learned from the mistakes of the last prompt and next time not only passed the exam but also topped it.

Keep these things in mind –

Furthering his point, Atul says that instead of going to the depth of a single point while writing an answer, try to touch different points i.e. different dimensions. Instead, the same thing is being explained. For example, if there is a question of ten numbers, then write at least ten points. If there is a question of 15 numbers, it is made to write at least 15 points, only then marks are scored.

For current affairs, Atul had subscribed to Monthly Magazines and when the matter of election of books came, he had chosen only normal standard books, just revisited them again and again. Atul insists on giving mock tests for pre, mains and interviews.

In the end, Atul recommends that you focus heavily on answer writing, keep a constant eye on current affairs, make the answers multi-dimensional, invert them with diagrams, and make sure your opinion on all the issues that are currently going on. Do.

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