IAS Success Story: Himanshu is today an IAS officer whose companions used to make fun of him for not being able to speak English.


Success Story of IAS Topper Himanshu Nagpal: Our present-day topper Himanshu Nagpal belongs to Bhuna, a small village in Haryana. He got his early education from a simple Hindi medium school. Until the graduation, Himanshu never had a special English language. As a result, Himanshu could neither speak English like the sharp-witted children of the city nor did he have the smartness in his personality on which his counterpart peers used to cry. But UPSC is an exam that does not matter about your background, your language, your schooling or your stream. If you are capable and you have the ability to become an officer, then your selection will definitely happen. The situation was somewhat similar with Himanshu but he managed to overcome all this. Not only this, there were big challenges in Himanshu’s life, but they all crossed. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Himanshu openly discussed his life journey.

When father saw Himanshu’s dream of becoming an IAS –

After twelfth when Himanshu went out to study for the first time, his father also went with him. Sitting outside the college there, he saw that a board was placed in front of which the names of the toppers who came out of the college are written. Seeing this board, he told Himanshu that I want to see your name on this board. Such Himanshu does not take this father’s words so seriously, but then leaving Him and going back, Himanshu’s father’s car became an accident and it proved to be his last meeting with his son. With this, Himanshu moved so much that he made only one goal of life and that was his name on that board i.e. to be a UPSC topper.

Watch the interview given by Himanshu Nagpal to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Life had to be and heartless –

Himanshu had already come out of the village atmosphere for the first time and was looking for his existence in this big city that another mountain was broken on him. He received the news of his brother’s death during graduation. Now it is as if Himanshu’s world has ended. In college, he was spending the day hiding and sitting backstage among other well-wishers and after the news came, Himanshu felt left out of his studies. Himanshu had to return home as his mother became lonely. Then his uncle took his hand and gave an assurance to take care of his mother, as well as gave Himanshu the courage. Helped him to return his lost confidence and told him that you can pass this exam. Himanshu says that coming to this stage and clearing the exam had become a compulsion not a choice.

Himanshu’s advice –

Himanshu advises other candidates to never make their own assessment based on the background. If you have the ability to work hard then no one can stop you from being successful. It does not matter about Hindi, English. What makes a difference is your hard work and effort in the right direction. Keep in mind one thing that even if you read a little but read daily, there should not be a continuous break.

Finish your social life for a few days and only be engaged in preparations day and night. Remember that troubles come in everyone’s life, only their types are different. These are emotional, somewhere financial, and somewhere else, but no one lives directly. Now it is up to you whether you have to kneel or overcome these problems. everything depends on you.

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