IAS Success Story: Gunjan did not accept defeat despite repeated failures, passed UPSC exam in third time


Success Story of IAS Topper Gunjan Singh: Gunjan Singh does not come from those candidates who always dream of coming in the field of UPSC. Some experiences of life inspire him to take this direction and despite his many failures, the surety of intent does not give up and continues. She finally reaches the destination with her determination. Gunjan got this success in his third attempt. In 2019, Gunjan passed this exam with All India Rank 16. With this, his goal of becoming an IAS was fulfilled. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Gunjan talked about his journey in detail.

Gunjan’s Educational Background and Motivation –

Gunjan is originally from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. His early education and writing took place here. Since the UPSC was not far in Gunjan’s mind at this time, he gave the entry of JEE according to his old plan and went to IIT Roorkee after selection. Gunjan completed his graduation from here. During this time she went to a nearby village for internship and taught the children. This was the time when Gunjan thought of joining such an area to help the poor section of the society. Then he felt that this wish can be fulfilled through UPSC.

With this idea, Gunjan started preparing for UPSC. Before this, he also worked for a year in a company, but before preparing, Gunjan thought it appropriate to leave the job.

Gunjan’s mother was his biggest inspiration, under whose guidance and guidance he achieved many milestones in life. Be it IIT or UPSC.

Watch the interview given by Gunjan Singh to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Gunjan’s UPSC journey –

Gunjan did not get success easily in the UPSC exam but she was not disappointed either by repeated failures. Gunjan was not selected in the pre in the first attempt. In the second attempt, she reached the interview round but the final list did not make a name. Despite being unsuccessful twice, Gunjan tried again and eventually in his third Attempt not only got selected in the year 2019 but also topped the 16th rank. In this way, he got his post of IAS. Frustrated with repeated failures during this period, Gunjan was handled by his family and especially his mother. Gunjan also used to accept that there is a shortage somewhere on his side. For example, for her second Attempt, she believes that her answer to low marks in her mains due to not answering writing practice.

Gunjan’s advice –

Talking about the preparation for the exam, Gunjan says that the first thing that is necessary is inner motivation which only you will know and which should be so strong that whatever you do, you should not step back. When this level is mobilized, only then you do not give up on repeated failures.

The next important thing, Gunjan says, is to read and create an organized structure. That is, you should know that in the next one-and-a-half years, in which month do you have to study. This journey is sometimes long. If you do not plan and read, then the time will not be complete, the second syllabus will also be left and will not be finished with time. Apart from this macro plan, make a micro plan in which write daily and weekly targets and also see if they are being completed.

See strategy and take guidance from everyone, but plan for yourself according to your needs, which should be based on your needs. Search by reading the keywords of syllabus, then your perception will change that anything is asked in this exam. Actually it is not so. When you plan small things, nothing seems impossible. In the end, it is only that in this journey many times the destination gets delayed but don’t worry, if the effort is true then one day the exam will be clear.

IAS Success Story: IAS officer became austerity of a small village in the second attempt, reached such destination

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