IAS Success Story: First MBBS then MD and finally UPSC Topper, how did Suyash succeed at every stage? Read


Success Story of IAS Topper Suyash Chavan: The 2017 topper Suyash Chavan’s educational background was quite rich. While some candidates yearn to get success in one area, there are also candidates like Suyash who emerge as winners in not one or two fields. Since childhood, the meritorious Suyash established many records in his career.

First of all, he cleared the MBBS examination and graduated in Medical Science. After this, he also enrolled in PG course considered comparatively difficult and got a post graduation degree. Suyash did not even have much heart and he planned to try his hand in the field of UPSC and see his encouragement, Suyash topped here also in the first time. Know how Suyash did not get success again and again. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, he shared his UPSC journey.

See here interview given by Suyash Chavan to Delhi Knowledge Track –

Winners do something different –

Suyesh says that when you have to do something different and special from others in a field, then your way of working and thinking should also not be ordinary. To be a winner, your thought process must also be a winner. As far as people do not reach or where they stop after reaching, you go further from there. It means to say that you have to add extra effort if you want to get some extra. This thing is applicable everywhere from the way of studying, till the time-table is made and the answer writing is done. If you write a general candidate answer and you write an answer, then something special should appear in your answer. To make this special, put additional input into it. These inputs can be in any form such as diagrams, flow charts, data, facts, figures, tables, exams, quotes, anicdotes, reports, events, etc.

Prepare them separately as well. Suyash says that after the end of the day, when you are tired of studying badly, then use this time to cram these data, facts etc. One of these, you do not have to focus your mind, which is already very tired, the other also misses, which you can use in your answers.

Suyesh’s advice –

Suyash says that revision has an important place in passing this exam. Everyone is studying, but the one who can remember that read and can use it at the time of need, he is successful in the exam. So do revision and do it everyday. Suyesh does not believe in the fundament of revision in the end, he believes that repeat the previous reading every day and choose the time in the morning when your mind is very fresh. When one night’s reading is revisited, or if it is well prepared, then proceed only.

The second important point according to Suyash is Proper Planning. According to him, if you are planning to prepare in a year, then after understanding the format of the exam, make a time-table of every small thing. After this, set the target that in this time it has to be finished. It has two advantages that you do not miss any part, and secondly, you do not panic in the end by reading in the planned way.

In the end, when you start preparing for the exam, then forget your background completely. This exam is a completely new journey where only one who reaches the destination will be ready to pay the price.

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