IAS Success Story: UPSC topper becomes eternal IIT passout in first attempt, journey completed with this strategy


Success Story of IAS Topper Shashwat Tripurari: The topper of the year 2019 has done engineering before coming into this field. He has graduated from IIT. This was his first attempt in which Shashwat not only achieved success but also became a topper with 78th rank. Eternal is originally from Prayagraj and his early education was completed in this city. Soon after XII, Shashwat graduated from IIT and soon after that started preparing for UPSC CSE exam. Eternal hard work paid off and in the first attempt they reached the destination. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Shashwat talked about how to read the newspaper for the preparation of UPSC exam.

Newspaper is important for current affairs –

Before talking about the correct technique of reading the news paper, eternal discusses its importance. They say that everyone can have their own opinion about this, like if someone reads monthly magazines instead of paper, then someone compiles the news of the day’s news on the Internet, but according to them no one replaces the newspaper And newspaper work is done by the newspaper itself.

Which paper you want to read during your preparation and want to read a paper or two, it is up to you but read the newspaper daily from beginning to end and definitely read it. As eternal read two papers during the whole preparation and used to take out the work that was news from him.

Watch the interview given by Eternal Tripurari to Delhi Knowledge Track –

Initially there will be problem –

Shashvat says that when a candidate starts reading a newspaper, he faces a lot of problems. The main thing in this is not understanding the meaning of many terms. They say that reading the paper is like a difficult task for the UPSC and when you read the paper to prepare for the exam, then you cannot ignore what you do not understand. The best way to do this is that when you first sit down with the newspaper, whatever terms you do not understand or which you do not know, google them right there and understand them. Never avoid them for later because it never comes later. Similarly, when it comes to places and boundaries, take a map at the same time and see where the state or its boundary is being discussed here. Overall, where you get stuck, solve that dough right there.

Pay special attention to these parts –

Advancing the eternal thing, say that while reading the paper for examination, give special importance to the front page. Its headlines are of your use. However, if there is some spicy news in it, then leave it. The next part comes from the regional. Read it only when you need it in your optional or else leave it. Similarly, keep the page of sports and entertainment also, if you are not interested in them. Editorial page is most important in newspaper, read it carefully. When the big experts of the country give their opinion on a subject, then watch it carefully so that you can form your opinion. However, if someone is speaking only in favor or opposition to an issue, then let it be. You have to take a balanced approach to the exam.

Now come to the last page, also pay great attention to it because many times big news is given here. One thing and initially it will take time to read the paper, do not be disturbed by it. After a few days, when you get used to it, then this time will automatically reduce.

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