IAS Success Story: Sachin Gupta becomes IAS officer with third rank in third attempt, such a journey completed


Success Story of IAS Topper Sachin Gupta: Sachin Gupta, Sirsa is from Haryana and his early studies were also done in Sirsa. From a very young age, Sachin was dreaming of going into the field of UPSC, for which he started preparing after graduation. Before getting success in this field, Sachin has graduated in Mechanical Engineering. Soon after graduation, he started preparing for the preparations and despite many efforts, he could not make it to the list for the first time. Instead of getting frustrated with this failure, Sachin learned and studied more hard the second time. The result was that Sachin was selected in the second attempt. However, due to low rank, he got Indian Law Service, which Sachin was not satisfied at all. He tried again and this time not only got selected but also achieved All India Rank Three. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Sachin shared his strategy. Read here.

How to prepare for pre exam

For the pre exam, Sachin says that first of all, read basic books and pay special attention to NCERTs. If you proceed without clearing the base, then the journey will be longer rather than short. After this, prepare from standard books and when the preparation reaches a level, then give mock test. If for some reason you do not have the facility to give mock or you cannot join the test series, then solve the previous year papers of UPSC. Take out at least ten or fifteen years of paper and solve them. With this, you will learn the elimination techniques required for the pre exam. Remember this is the first and important stage of the exam in which a little carelessness shows the way out to the best candidates.

Watch the interview given by Sachin Gupta on the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Every word of syllabus for Mains should be ready –

Taking Sachin forward, he says that after pre, when you come to the preparation of the mains, pay much attention to the syllabus. See what is the syllabus for which topic and prepare a word for it. Sachin says that often the candidates complain that they do not know where the questions come from, then the answer is that the questions come from there only you do not look at them. As far as his preparation is concerned, not only was Sachin prepared every word written in the syllabus but also made his notes. This made them easy to revise, which is the most important element to pass this exam.

In the end, Sachin says that when he is unsuccessful during the exam, consider it as God willing and understand that if the selection has not taken place even after committing whole life, then God must have thought something better for you. Think of this journey as a learning process and do not get upset even if it takes time.

One more thing that it is good to aim to clear the UPSC exam but it is not the end of the world. Apart from this, there are many services that you can choose. Overall, at the end of the day it is important that you are satisfying your work or not.

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