IAS Success Story: Junaid completed this journey with many struggles, from average student to UPSC topper


Success Story of IAS Topper Junaid Ahmad: Junaid Ahmed hails from Nagina, a small town in Uttar Pradesh. He is the first candidate to become an IAS from his field. Not only this, and many records are named by Junaid. His most important thing is that Junaid, who never scored more than 60 percent marks in his previous career, not only passes the UPSC examination but also brings All India rank three. Nobody could have imagined that a boy who never got very good marks in a class would one day become an IAS officer, but Junaid showed this to be true. However, to reach here, Junaid faced many difficulties and faced many failures but never gave up. Junaid failed several times before topping in the year 2018. In an interview to Delhi Knowledge Track, Junaid briefly talked about his journey.

Introduction to Junaid –

If we talk about Junaid’s educational background, then he got his initial education in Nagina. After this he obtained a bachelor’s degree from IGNOU. By this time, Junaid had average marks in every class. At the time of graduation, Junaid made up his mind to prepare for UPSC and with this intention, he went to Delhi to join Jamia Milli’s residential coaching. He joined coaching and started preparing. Junaid believes that after coming here, there were very positive changes in his personality.

Junaid’s series of failures also started from here and he failed to clear the UPSC CSSE exam not once or twice. However, even after this, his courage was not broken and Junaid gave a fourth attitude. In this endeavor, for the first time Junaid tasted his first taste of success when he was selected with 352 rank. Junaid was allotted the Indian Revenue Service but he was not satisfied with this. Junaid gave the exam again and this time broke all records and became the topper with All India Rank Three.

Watch the interview given by Junaid Ahmed to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Junaid experience –

First of all, Junaid advises that instead of dividing this exam into three parts, start preparing for it in the integrated way. When preparing a part, prepare it in terms of pre, main and interview three. First strengthen your base and do not try to skip this step. For this, Junaid recommends to read NCERT books very well. He also praised these books very well. Then came standard books. At this stage, do not fall into the books of different books and read the books that are read by everyone. Just keep in mind that a book has to be read many times, ie revision has to be done very well.

For men, Junaid mainly recommends practicing answer writing and paying extra attention to optional. He feels that the selection was stopped due to his lack of written practice in many of the prompts. Similarly, pay special attention to the option that increases your score.

In the end, Junaid says that it is very important to have a goal in life or else life becomes meaningless. Not only this, when moving towards this goal and failing repeatedly, do not panic and consider them as stepping stones. Also remember that if you have motive social service or any other type of service then you will definitely be successful.

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