IAS Success Story: IAS officer became austerity of a small village in the second attempt, reached such destination


Success Story of IAS Topper Tapasya Parihar: The UPSC Journey of Tapasya of MP Narsinghpur is very special. They are a great example for those candidates who think that your background should be good to clear this exam. Your initial education should be from a very good school, etc. However, topper austerity of 2017 is the moving answer to all these questions. Her family never gave up on teaching austerity, but she studied among the available resources and facilities and became an IAS officer from a law graduate. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Tapasya talked about various issues.

Early education of austerity –

Tapasya was good in studies since childhood and from a young age, good numbers were found in almost every class of his. This trend continued like this and in the tenth and twelfth, austerity topped his school. His schooling is from Central School in Narsinghpur. Since she was good in studies, both she and her family felt that Tapasya should take the UPSC exam. With this intention, Tapasya completed graduation and UPSC went to Delhi to prepare for CSE. Graduation of Tapasya is from Societies Law College, Pune. Clear austerity regarding his target was started long before this examination, but he started full-fledged preparation after graduation.

See here interview given by Tapasya Parihar to Delhi Knowledge Track –

Coaching experience –

Tapasya took coaching one year after graduation, but based on her experience, she says that self-study has a more important role to pass this exam. Coaching can guide you, but you have to reach the floor with your hard work. For this, rely only on your own hard work.

In the first attempt, austerity was not selected even in the pre. Meanwhile, he gave up coaching and started studying only by himself. In this entire journey, she lived in Delhi for almost two and a half years and not only got selected in the second attempt but also became a topper with 23rd rank.

Here’s how to prepare

Tapasya says that if we talk about the first phase of the exam i.e. pre, then for this, first finish the NCERT books and then come to the reference books. The most important test for this test is to give mock test. Tapasya believes that to give the test, do not wait for the complete syllabus to end and only after completing a part, you start taking the test. The second important thing is that there will be no benefit in giving the test if you do not analyze the answers. So after writing the answer, see where you are making mistakes and rectify them in time.

Similarly, emphasize answer writing practice and revision for Mains exam. For revision, pick up the papers of previous years and see how UPSC asks questions. According to him, in addition to the test series, last year’s paper is a good medium to understand the exam. So keep watching them too.

In the end, austerity says that hard work is the most important thing to pass this exam, which is not an option. After taking the right guidance, collect books for yourself and make time-table and get ready. Give a thorough practice test and analyze their answers. If you are stranded, take help of internet and also see interviews of toppers from where you can get the right guidance along with motivation.

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