IAS Success Story: Rishita, who topped the 18th rank in the first attempt, knows her preparation strategy


Success Story of IAS Topper Rishita Gupta: UPSC Journey of Delhi’s Rishita Gupta was very small but her struggle behind it was very big. In her first attempt in the year 2018, Rishita topped the UPSC CSE exam with 18th rank. It may seem to the viewers that Rishita achieved success in a very short time, but the truth is that her struggle and preparation behind it are quite old. Meanwhile, he also lived up to the biggest accident of his life but did not step back. Her father, who had cancer, also died, but even then, Rishita did not give up and achieved success amidst the conflicts arising from this emotional loss. In an interview to Delhi Knowledge Track, Rishita shared her experience about the exam.

Educational background of Rishita

Rishita was always good at reading and dreamed of becoming a doctor. However, due to low marks in XII, he did not get admission in the course and college he wanted. As a result, Rishita graduated from English literature. Meanwhile, Rishita decided that she would pursue a career in the field of civil services. Once the goal is set, next step comes preparation. In the year 2015, Rishita had decided that she would take the UPSC exam and pass the exam in the first place itself. Rishita had a firm intention that this commitment proved to be true and for the first time she finally became IAS officer in the year 2018 with AIR 18.

Watch the interview given by Rishita Gupta to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

First the base strong –

Rishita kept concepts always clear and first read NCERT to strengthen the base. Rishita admits that there is no need for a lot of money to prepare for this exam. A laptop, a good net connection, a few books printers and if possible anual notes of coaching, that is enough for preparation because almost all the material is available online nowadays.

While choosing the option, just listen to your heart and do the whole preparation by making strategy. Keep making notes and read as much as you can revise. There is no benefit from reading topics or books that cannot be revised. Keep reading newspapers constantly and also read monthly magazines.

Rishita’s advice –

To other candidates, Rishita advises that instead of focusing on the results, focus only on the preparations. If the preparations are good then the result is good to come. Rishi’s story also shows that you belong to which background, what you have read or how you have been a student, all these things do not matter. The day you think of passing the exam with all your heart and take the right steps in the right direction, success is definitely achieved, that too on your terms. Therefore, do not bring any kind of confusion in the mind and the floor will definitely come out.

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