IAS Success Story: How to become a topper in the first second attempt, who could not even pass the pre exam in the first attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Pratham Kaushik: First Kaushik’s views on UPSC CSE exam are quite different. While people do not get tired of saying that this is one of the toughest examinations in the world, on the other hand, they believe that this exam is not as difficult as the air has been spread about it. So much has been said about its difficulty level that the candidate loses his confidence before taking the exam. Something similar happened with the first also at the time of the first attempt. He had already accepted half the defeat because it had sat in his heart that he could not pass this exam well. How did he end this fear, these and many other things were shared in the first interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track.

First fear removed from the heart –

First says that he started preparing for this exam from the college days itself. Many more students were also preparing for this exam in their batch, but everyone had to say in one note that this exam is very difficult. The first one also joined this list, who started to believe that this exam is very difficult and they were also preparing. The result was that Pratham’s fear was won and he lost badly. In the first attempt, they could not even remove the pre. Pratham took some time to recover from this shock, but after making a comeback, first took fear out of his mind. They say that winning with fear is not possible. You have to convince yourself that clearing this exam is not so difficult and you can do so. Till you do not believe in yourself, you will not get success.

See here the interview given by the first Kaushik to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Preparation from this strategy –

Pratham says NCERT books play an important role in clearing this exam. He read most of NCERT subjects books from class 6 to 12. They even say that never take this thought into your mind, what are the children studying in this age. Actually this strengthens your base. After this, the next important thing is to read the news paper which you will learn over time. Actually, it takes a lot of time to read a newspaper first and it does not even understand what to read and what to leave. But with practice you will also learn this. Divide the paper of GS and optional into a time-table in such a way that both of them are ready before the pre. After the pre, the main focus should be on revision and answer writing practice. Give as many mock tests as possible, this prepares you for the exam.

First advice –

The first one says that if there is more problem in a subject, then read it from the beginning only then you will be able to make a command on it. Even if there is a failure in UPSC, then it directly reaches the first position. It is the same with subjects. If you are not scoring well, do not get upset and start from zero.

In the end, the first thing to say is that no test, no coaching, no source, no guidance can give you success. There is only one way to achieve success and that is self bailiff. Believe yourself that you can only do it. Once you overcome the fear of examination, it is not difficult to achieve success.

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