IAS Success Story: From SIMI, who cleared the IIT and UPSC exams in the same year, know their mantra of success


Success Story of IAS Topper Simi Karan: When it comes to clear UPSC exam, it is believed that leaving everything and preparing for it day and night is less. Many times the candidates who show the dedication of this level also do not taste the success. In such a situation, candidates like Simi Karan of Odisha also come who not only clear the UPSC CSE exam with graduation in the first attempt but also topped the 33rd rank. Graduation is also not the same as engineering from IIT. Simi’s success surprises and also inspires a lot. Their journey proves that even seemingly impossible goals can be achieved in less time by hard work and proper planning. Know about this journey of SIMI, about which he talked in an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track.

Simi from Odisha –

Talking about Simi’s background, she is originally from Odisha but she has been raised and studied in Bhilai. Simi has always been a good student and she had good marks in almost every class. Since Simi had not always planned to go to UPSC field, she graduated after the twelfth. For this, he gave the entrance of IIT and after selection, started studying engineering. During this time, during the internship, she went to teach children in the nearby slum area. This was the time when the idea of ​​joining an area came to his mind through which people with disabilities can be helped. Thus Simi came in the field of UPSC.

Watch the interview given by Simi Karan to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

The beginning of such –

Simi says, she first saw the interview of toppers and prepared a book list for herself with the help of internet. Simi selected the standard books that come for preparation. With this, he always kept in mind that books have to be revisited repeatedly by keeping them limited. However, she also considers syllabus very important for the preparation of the examination. She says that the UPSC syllabus should be converted into smaller parts and then start preparing. This will not make the syllabus burden bigger.

Simi advises to keep full focus on revision for Pre. Revise the books you have as often as possible and mock yourself to test them. This shows you which areas need improvement.

Pay full attention to answer writing

Simi says that no matter how much preparation is done, but all the preparation without answer writing practice is useless. So as soon as you have gathered enough input that you can frame an answer, start writing answers from the same stage. Initially the performance will not be good, but do not panic because you are doing this exercise only to do it best.

Another important thing Simi’s Journey teaches and that is time management. To study graduation and UPSC, Simi had to take a very balanced approach. Had to steal time, not take time. For example, whenever you get time in between classes, do not attend the party, fairwell, only focus on your goals, carry e-notes together so that you can repeat them as soon as you get the chance. In this way, SIMI proved that if the plan and strategy are clear, even the toughest goals can be found.

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