IAS Success Story: From IIT to IAS, Khushboo completed this journey after facing all the difficulties


Success Story of IAS Topper Khushboo Gupta: Those who pray for the background to clear the UPSC CSE exam should meet Khushboo Gupta of Bhadaur, a small village in Punjab. Khushboo belongs to a place where no one even knew the meaning of the word IAS. This daughter of such a place not only dreamed of becoming an IAS but also showed it to be true in her second attempt. The scent of the village from which no officer was made for the last forty years achieved this success in the second attempt. Not only this, Khushboo has also graduated from IIT before this. Khushboo did not get the resources but the support of the family got rich, on which she set new records constantly. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Khushboo spoke on the topic of how to get good numbers in essay topic in UPSC.

People often ask this question about essay –

Khushboo says that when it comes to preparing for the essay, the candidates often ask that you should also prepare for this exam or by copying only the input you get during the preparation of other papers, it becomes work. In response to this, Khushboo says that if you have to score well in this paper, the essay will have to be given extra time. Paying less attention to it than the rest of the subjects will not cause problems, but igniting it completely can be overwhelming. Since this subject plays an important role in making or spoiling the rank, so do practice it. It is also an art that you will have to learn to copy the input you gather by reading the news paper and preparing for GS.

Khushboo gives her example saying that due to being an engineering student, she could not write well, so she gave about one and a half months to prepare for this exam. Since his speed was also not very good, he had to do a lot of work at this point as well. Overall, this paper asks for extra attention.

Watch the interview given by Khushbu Gupta to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Mock test benefits –

Khushboo advises other candidates to practice as much as possible for the essay. Without practice, you cannot write a good thing. When this is complete, match it with the toppers and see what is missing in your essay. Khushboo used to show her essays to friends and seniors and take their feedback and then improve them accordingly. She used to ask him what he is feeling lacking in this or the topic he is trying to explain, whether he is understanding that topic after reading the essay. Based on the feedback received from her, Khushboo used to improvise her essay.

She also advises joining a separate test series for this. Khushboo says that you get to know your shortcomings. Take care of one important thing and do not deviate from the context. Often, people reach somewhere else by writing, and what is asked is left behind. To avoid this, you will have to try writing essays. If you analyze the first ten to twelve essays of the main examination and analyze them, then nothing can stop you from performing well in the exam.

Write the main points of the essay in rough at some minutes of the beginning of the exam so that no necessary points are left at the end. By taking care of these few things, you can get good marks in Essay.

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