IAS Success Story: First IPS and then IAS, Saumya completed UPSC journey in four attempts


Success Story of IAS Topper Saumya Gururani: 2018 topper Soumya Gururani is from Almora in a very small place. His UPSC journey was very volatile, but Soumya seems very comfortable while saying her point. The years that he gave in preparation for this exam, he considers those investments, due to which many positive changes took place in him. Soumya believes that this journey enhances you, makes you mature, so do not get upset if you take time to get success, but accept it happily. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Soumya shared her experiences of this journey.

UPSC journey of Saumya

Soumya’s early education was done in Almora and later she went to Roorkee for engineering. After graduating from here, he also got a good job in campus placement. Since Soumya was always a bright student, her family felt that she must take the UPSC exam. With this, Soumya herself was unable to prepare herself to work in front of the computer all her life. For both these reasons, the idea of ​​giving UPSC in Soumya’s mind also became strong. Eventually, Soumya listened to her heart and started preparing for UPSC. He prepared for the first time by taking coaching but later efforts were given through self study.

In the first attempt, Soumya reached Mains but could not progress further. In the second attempt, his pre was also not cleared. In the third, Soumya crossed all three stages and was selected for the rank of IPS according to the rank. Despite joining, Saumya did not leave preparations and finally got selected in the fourth Attempt with 30th rank in the year 2018. This also gave him his desired IAS post.

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What does the experience of Saumya say?

Saumya says that success is not easily found here. Sometimes it takes time and sometimes it takes a lot of time but don’t lose patience. Not only this, take these failures as a lesson. The failures found in this journey make you mature and enhance your personality. When failures are found, do not be afraid to step back, rather apply the experience gained from them to life. See what was missing, do not repeat it next time.

Soumya is also a great example for women who feel that after marriage, their career is over or their chances are reduced. She gave her fourth attempt only after marriage in which she became the topper. She says that if the intentions are strong and the rules are clear, then whether you are married, employed or have children, it does not matter. If a person wants, then he takes time out according to his priority. If the family is supportive, then there is no problem. With the support of family and friends, you will feel positive and will also be motive. So stay in touch with such people. Do not separate yourself in the name of preparation because you are a human being and your emotional needs too.

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