IAS Success Story: Three attempts, two successful, Himadri Kaushik became UPSC topper


Success Story of IAS Topper Himadri Kaushik: Topper of the year 2018, Himadri Kaushik is among those candidates who are always good in studies. Take his record of school or college, Himadri has scored above 90 percent everywhere. This journey of his success continued even after coming in the field of UPSC. Himadri gave a total of three appointments of UPSC CSE and was selected in two. Both times Himadri got very good marks in the interview. Its advantage was that every time his rank improved. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Himadri discussed the subject of preparation for the special personality test.

Himadri is an engineer –

Himadri graduated in chemical engineering from BITS Goa in the year 2015 and also gave the first exam for UPSC exam this year. Since the preparations were not very good, so she passed pre. Although it is a big thing in itself to pass the pre exam in the first attempt. The next year, he gave his second prompt. This year she cleared all three stages and was selected with 304 rank. Under this, he was allotted the Indian Revenue Service, which Himadri joined. He took a break in the year 2017 and gave the next in 2018, in which Himadri topped.

Watch the interview given by Himadri Kaushik on the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Do not be afraid of these things in your mind –

Himadri says that there are many myths in the minds of the candidates regarding the interview, one of which is about the language. He believes that it is necessary to convey his words properly, then you say in Hindi or in English, it does not matter. So do not hesitate about the language. The second important thing here is not to test your knowledge, but to test your over all personality. Therefore, pay attention to everything related to it. Greet everyone after entering the hall. If there are women in the panel, first greet them. When asked to sit, sit only, talk and make eye contact and also pay attention to body language. Keep these small but important things in mind. They make a good impression on you.

Right way to say no –

Himadri says that no matter what the preparation is, but some questions are stuck to everyone. Do not get upset in this situation, but do not tell the panel with ease. This does not cut your numbers. Even if you do not remember facts and data, it is not a problem. Matter what your opinion is about something, keep it open. Pay attention to the tone of voice while saying your words and try to provoke anyone, no matter how calm. While saying something, do not show too harshly whether it happens or it does not, adopt a flexible attitude.

Learn to express unrestrained and speak in opposition to his talk with decency. There, no one wants people who do not agree, but if such people want, then they can speak with confidence. A slight smile on the face during the entire interview makes a good impression.

Giving mock test is also a good way to prepare yourself for the interview. Just like you give mock for preparing for the other exams, give it for the interview as well.

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