IAS Success Story: In two attempts and successful in both, it was the dignity’s journey from IPS to IAS


Success Story of IAS Topper Garima Agrawal: Candidates who pass the UPSC exam have all kinds of students. There is an average in some studies and some brilliant. Although the background of a student does not determine his success in this field, but when we look at the different toppers in this field, some candidates like Garima Agarwal also come out. There is less to be said about dignity. She has always been a great student and was successful in the field where she stepped from school life to becoming a UPSC topper. Garima, who has been successful in both of UPSC’s two efforts, has also graduated from IIT before that. That is, an IIT graduate then IPS and finally IAS. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Garima shared her experience of UPSC Journey.

Minimum Sources, Maximum Revision –

Garima says that first of all keep in mind that pre, main and interview preparation should be done separately and not in the integrated way. When you raise a topic, see how it will be in the mains if such a question comes up in the pre. That is, when a subject is prepared and removed, it should be ready for both pre and main.

Mock tests are also very important for success in pre. Garima believes that this makes one practice and secondly, trying to solve the paper within time also increases the speed. She also gives great importance to the time table for her preparation. At the beginning of every month, he had a time-table in his hand which told him what he had to study for the whole month. Along with this, like the other toppers, Garima also believes in the fund of revising the maximum from the minimum source. She says keep the books limited but revise them again and again.

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Revision Via Test –

Taking the matter further, Garima says that at first, you should adopt holistic approach for preparation, but when the pre-examination passes, then only start focusing on it. Since this is a hurdle that has not been crossed, further preparation is of no use. However, keep in mind that if you have not started preparations before then, even if you have passed the pre, then there is no time for men to start preparing from zero. Therefore, proceed the preparation in a balanced way.

When it comes to revision, Garima also says that she considers it to be the right way to revise the Via Vivasan test. She says that by giving tests, test yourself how your preparation has been and where there is a shortage. Then remove that deficiency in time. Just like Garima used to follow this method, after giving the paper, she used to see which subjects did not score, then prepared the same subjects separately and then gave the paper. In this way, their week portion was prepared.

Experience of dignity –

In the end, dignity says to pay attention to three things. She says that patience and consistency are the most important elements to succeed in this exam. The day that you will not be able to do it at all, show it on the same day and see how a new kind of courage arises in you. Along with this it is necessary to have a support system. Any candidate is frustrated at some time or other, so be sure to talk to people who motivate you, whether it is family or friends. They are very useful in this journey. In the end, it is just that if you think that you can or you think that you cannot, then you are both right. That means success or failure is in your mind. If a person is determined then he can achieve anything.

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