IAS Success Story: In the first two attempts, Gunjan, who could not even pass the pre exam, became the topper in the third attempt, how did she achieve this success? Read


Success Story of IAS Topper Gunjan Dwivedi: UPSC is an exam whose nature cannot be estimated. Many times some candidates do not even pass the pre exam for one year, then become the toppers next year. And sometimes even after reaching the interview round one year, they are stuck in the pre next year. Something similar happened with our today’s topper Gunjan Dwivedi. In his two attempts, Gunjan could not even pass the pre exam and in the third, he not only got selected while crossing all the three stages but also joined the list of top ten. In his third attempt in the year 2018, Gunjan got All India Rank 9 and he got his desired IAS post. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Gunjan discussed about the preparation of the three stages of the exam.

Gunjan’s background –

Gunjan is originally from Lucknow and his father is retired as an IPS officer. Gunjan’s elder sister is also an income tax officer. In this way you can see that there was an atmosphere of education in her house from the beginning, as well as she was brought up among civil servants. Since childhood, she had closely watched the work of an officer and this was the reason that she started taking trends in this field from a very young age. Gunjan received a degree in Political Science Honors from Daulat Ram College, Delhi. After graduating in 2014, he gave his first ambassador in 2016, then in 2017. In both, she did not even reach the pre. In 2018, he topped the 9th rank.

Watch the interview given by Gunjan Dwivedi to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Emphasizes basics for pre-

Gunjan says that out of the three stages of the examination, she considers the first stage pre most typical and the reason is probably that she used to get stuck on this stage again and again. She says that before the start of preparation, look at the syllabus very well and instead of hurrying, focus on the basics first. NCERT books help a lot for this. Gunjan’s advice is to read NCERT books of classes 6 to 12 and pay special attention to the books of classes 11 and 12. They help the most. Once the base is clear and strong, proceed, it does not cause further trouble.

Gunjan gives another advice that do not try to adopt shortcuts on any stage of this exam, it will fail miserably. Read all that is required to read as much as possible. This test cannot be passed with a shortcut.

Men’s Analytical Examination –

Gunjan says that you have to go a little deep to prepare for the mains. Although both of them prepare for the stages together, but when it comes to the mains, then understand the topics with a little sigh and also say your opinion on that. In many subjects of Mains, your view is asked many times, so develop your perspective of looking at things.

Keep reading from the beginning to the end of the preparation of the news paper exam and do not stop reading the newspaper on any stage. By this, you have every small and big information around the world and this information is very useful at every stage of the exam.

As we all know that revision is very important to get success in this exam, so when the preparation reaches a level, revise as much as possible. Keep books short but read them again and again.

Gunjan’s advice –

Gunjan says that it takes many times to get success in this exam. In such a situation, keep yourself motivated and you will have to do this work yourself. No outsider can motivate you for long, it should come from inside. There is no need to tell anyone what you are studying, how you are studying, because you are studying for yourself, not to show anyone. Overall be honest with yourself.

Many times success in this journey is delayed but do not panic because this journey is different for everyone. If there is a sincere effort, it does not go in vain. It may be right late but the destination is definitely available.

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