IAS Success Story: Engineer-turned-IAS officer Prerna got success through this strategy, know


Success Story of IAS Topper Prerna Singh: Prerna Singh of New Delhi has got an engineering degree before coming into the field of UPSC. Regarding this exam, she believes that full preparation is required for its preparation. It is not possible to study with any other work. In the 2017 batch IAS Prerna Singh, in an interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track, spoke openly about the preparation for the Personality Test of UPSC CSE.

A lot depends on Daff –

Prerna says that the most important thing for the personality test of UPSC CSE exam is the Daf i.e. Detiled Application Form. Be careful while filling it and keep in mind that write only what is true. Mention the same areas in the name of your hobbies that you have deep knowledge about. Apart from this, know everything about your place of birth, where you have done your graduation, etc. Do not fill anything just for writing or showing. Know that the people sitting there are very much aware of you and you will neither be able to mislead them nor make your lie come true in front of them, so work on the basis of Honesty is the best policy and write on it, Hold it.

You can also watch the interview given by Prerna Singh to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Read the news paper till the end –

For the preparation of this paper, keep reading the paper from beginning to end. Do not stop reading the paper even after the mains exam is over. Many times during the interview, the issue that is currently going on is discussed. Therefore, you not only have to keep an eye on the latest news, but you also have to share your perspective. During preparation, you will also understand which area of ​​the paper is important for you and which is not. Accordingly, spend time on every subject and do not pay attention to unnecessary parts. You can also make notes if you feel the need, they help a lot in revision.

Keep these little things in mind –

When you reach the personality test, it is proved that you have knowledge now that by coming to this stage, the other things of your personality are also tested. Therefore, how you are sitting, how you are moving, how to communicate, on what subject you think, all of that is seen. Therefore, it would be better to give some mock tests before the main examination so that you can find out your shortcomings. Take them away in time and try to give your best. Do not give too much mock, however, it kills the originality of your personality. Stay as you are and most important is to be comfortable.

No harm in saying no

Keep in mind that no matter how knowledgeable anyone is, there is definitely a question that he cannot answer. There is no harm in saying no or saying sorry. People sitting on the panel there also understand that not everyone can get every answer. Just keep in mind that you have to speak in Polite Way. Never be hyper or excited when they are excited. Even if they are saying something that you do not agree with, then express your disagreement with decency.

In the end, that’s all, as an officer, learn to talk about solutions. Do not end the discussion by discussing the problem. People are part of the solution, not the problem, for the post you are proving your worth.

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