IAS success story: become an IAS officer in the first attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Mandar Jayantrao Patki: Mandar Jayantrao Patki belongs to a small village in Maharashtra. Before trying his luck in the field of UPSC, Mandar has a diploma in mechanical engineering as well as a graduation degree. That is, Mandar has done engineering before becoming an IAS. Soon after graduation, Mandar started preparing for UPSC exam and on the basis of proper planning and strategy, not only passed the exam in the first time but also brought All India Rank 22. Mandar spoke in the interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track about many misconceptions spread about the exam along with tips to clear the exam.

Do not pay attention to these things –

Mandar first clear the myths about UPSC exam. He says that it often comes to the mind of the candidates that if their educational background is not good or they are not a science student then they will have trouble in getting success in the exam. But this is not the truth. UPSC does not matter what background you belong to or you have studied with coaching or without coaching. If you are ready to work hard for the need, then your selection will definitely happen. Understand that the examiner who checks your copy only writes the answer, cannot see what your background is or gives a score on this base. So leave unnecessary worries and study very hard. Just this will give success in the exam.

Watch the interview given by Mandar Patki to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Plan and study

Mandar further says that he believes in studying by planning. He had every small and big plan in writing. They give them mini and micro names. They say mini means those plans which are of tomorrow or day after day and micro means those plans which are after one or two months. Due to this, they used to remain clear on which day they had to finish the subject and how many times they had to revise it. Creating a strategy and moving forward becomes easier when you have a complete time table. Nothing is left out of it and syllabus, revision, answer writing are all completed within time. Along with planning, also create the right strategy which should be based on your abilities and needs. Take advice from everyone but do it in your mind.

Revise fewer books again and again –

Mandar insists on keeping limited books for men and practicing a lot of answer writing. They say that books will be limited only then it will be revisited again and again, so keep a low source and if you do not find a subject somewhere, search for it online, do not buy a separate book for it. They further say that unless there is an answer to writing correctly, there is no use of book knowledge. Mandar also made notes which could be easily revised later. They advise that you also make notes if possible, they also lead to writing practice.

The next important thing is to give mock tests and analyze them. Like when the mandar used to give the paper, the part which used to get less marks, used to prepare it separately by giving time.

Mandaar Experience –

Mandar advises to pay due attention to both the Essay and Ethics papers. They believe that these papers make the rank good. Mandar solved the model test paper for this. In the end, just plan everything so that it does not waste time. Keep one thing in mind that if you are successful in the exam then it is good but even if you are not successful then it is not a matter because this exam is not a big life. Try your best, but there is no need to take much stress. There are many misconceptions about the exam, on which you do not trust, first test everything yourself. Keep only one thing in mind that one who has the courage to work hard to pass this exam is also successful. Then whether it is from any background or any stream.

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