IAS Success Story: Fazlul learns from two failed attempts, become UPSC topper in third time


Success Story of IAS Topper Fazlul Haseeb: Everyone knows that the nature of UPSC exam is very unpredictable. Nothing can be said about whether it will succeed or not or when. The candidate has only one thing in his hand and that is to make honest efforts. However, even after several attempts, the selection is not done because the candidates are making some mistakes. In such a situation, it is very important to know what to do to pass the UPSC exam, besides knowing what to avoid. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, 2017 topper Fazlul Hasib talked about many such issues.

Do not copy anyone –

Fazlul starts his talk by saying that to be successful in this exam, the most important thing is to be honest with yourself. You take the guidance from anywhere but after collecting all the information, implement it accordingly. What is your strength, in which area do you have problems? By knowing all this and thinking, create a strategy for yourself. Never copy anyone. The things or strategies that have worked for others, will also work for you, it is not necessary at all.

The biggest example of this is the selection of books. Fazlul says that some people collect how many books of a subject but they believe that at least gather the sources and revise them again and again. There is only one way to succeed in this exam and that is revision. Therefore, collect as many books that you can finish in time so that it can be revived again and again.

Watch the interview given by Fazlul Hasib to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Focus on answer writing –

The biggest mistake of the two attempts in which Fazlul was not selected is that he does not practice answer writing. Fazlul says that everyone reads, knowledge is also available to many, but until you read it properly on copy, everything is useless. Therefore, once the preparation reaches a level, practice writing as much as possible. This will let you know the shortcomings of your answers. Not only this, your speed will also increase because most of the time, the candidates are complaining that the time is reduced and the paper is missed. The best way to overcome this is to give the paper in a completely exam environment and try your best to complete it in time. Keep in mind one thing that after giving the paper, it must be analyzed otherwise it will not be useful to write the paper. Use these papers for revision as well.

Fazlul’s advice –

In the end, this is what Fazlul says that hard work, patience and sacrifice are required to pass this exam. However, they do not forget to tell the candidates that by giving a few years of their lives, that is, by working hard some years day and night, if the rest of their lives can be changed and IAS or any such service can be found then it is not a loss deal . When you are working hard by not living a comfortable life compared to others, then remember that your life ahead is going to be much better than others. Today’s delight will give fruit tomorrow so don’t worry.

Have faith in yourself, on your efforts and most importantly on your sources and stick to them till the end. Somebody give advice, but you should follow the path that suits you. To crack this exam, it is more important than walking on the right path, it is more important than not to go the way. In this way, if you work hard with the right planning and the right strategy, then you will definitely be successful.

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