IAS Success Story: Doc did not lose four years to become UPSC topper from doctor, know secret of his success with Anand


Success Story of IAS Topper Anand Sharma: The topper of the year 2018, Anand Sharma, has obtained a doctorate degree before achieving success in the field of UPSC. After completing the MBBS, he started giving the answer for this exam. However, even after trying his best, he was not succeeding. But Anand is also not one to give up and after failing for three consecutive times, he finally passed the UPSC examination in his fourth attempt. The special thing of his effort was that he could not only clear the exam but he also topped the 62nd rank and got his own IAS post. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Anand advised to take care of some small but important things mainly to get good marks in the essay paper.

First pull a rough structure –

Talking about the essay paper, Anand says do not be hasty after the paper comes in hand. Read the paper comfortably first and consider the topics given. See in which subject you have better and more material. After deciding this, in a paper in the second step, write down the main points of the topic which you will be executing later. Roughly mention all that you are going to talk about on that page. Doing so does not cause further trouble after you start writing essays, nor do you forget any important point. As it is said to write the essay in a flow, it is also maintained in this way.

Watch the interview given by Anand Sharma to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Your Essay Should Be Structured

Anand says that the hallmark of a good essay is that it is structured. One thing comes after the other and all the points are connected. It is not that one thing has no connection with the other. This is the identity of a good structured ass. Practice is very important to write it. When you prepare for the exam, give mock tests and practice a lot like other papers. Well, it depends on the subject, but try to talk about both the sides and the opposition and take a balanced approach.

Put arguments in support of your point and to prove it, report, data, facts, examinations etc. should be put in whatever way possible. After reading the essay, it should not be felt that you are talking in the air like this. You should have solid foundation of your point.

Be part of the solution, not the problem –

Anand further says that when talking on a subject, not only discus not only its shortcomings, problems or negative things, but also tell the possible solutions to the problem like a responsible officer. For the post you want to sit on, it is important that you have a question and not a question.

The next important thing is to take this paper seriously. Understand that the marks of this paper can make your rank. So practice a lot before the main exam and write them and compare them with the toppers and see how a topper writes on a subject and how you have written. Remove the loopholes that you can understand. Write at least ten to fifteen essays before the main examination. Prepare some good quotes that can be used when needed. They have a good effect on the reader. You can score well in this paper by taking care of these small but important things.

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