IAS Success Story: By making the right strategy, Vijay decided to travel from such constable to UPSC


Success Story of IAS Topper Vijay Singh Gurjar: If no one is determined to achieve anything in life, then no situation can stop him. Today, we will tell you the story of Vijay Singh Gurjar of Rajasthan, who started his career with a constable in Delhi Police, but through his hard work and hard work, he passed his UPSC exam and realized his dream. His story seems very filmy, but he faced many difficulties in his journey to success. Failure was also found at times, but he did not give up. Once he could not be selected by reaching the interview, yet he was not disappointed. Eventually his dream came true.

Childhood was spent in poverty

Vijay was born in a small village in Rajasthan. Her father was a farmer and mother duodenum. The financial condition of his house was not good. He used to share his father’s hand in farming. He got his initial education in a government school in the village. He studied till 12th in Hindi medium and after that he graduated from Sanskrit. During this time, he took the recruitment exam in Delhi Police and he passed and became a constable. After this he got many government jobs, but he succumbed only after passing UPSC exam.

Travel from Constable to UPSC

Vijay’s family’s financial condition was not good, so he joined the constable’s job in Delhi Police. Although he was determined to pass the UPSC exam. So he started preparing with the job. During this time, he gave the sub-inspector recruitment examination in the police and he became like this by passing. After this, he took the SSC exam and passed it and started working in the Income Tax Department. Even after this, he continued his preparations. Finally, Vijay Singh Gurjar got success in 2017.

Watch Vijay Singh’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Victory advice to other candidates

Vijay believes that if you prepare UPSC with full honesty and hard work, then you will definitely get success. He says, “If I can pass the UPSC exam then anyone can. Whatever your language or whatever your background has been, it doesn’t matter. If you prepare with the right intention and strategy Then you will definitely get success. ” Vijay told that his numbers were only 55% in high school and inter, but despite that he fulfilled his dream. In such a situation, if you prepare with hard work and dedication, success will definitely be found.

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