Board Exams 2021: to bring good numbers in board exam, so follow these tips


Board Exams 2021: The Corona epidemic has severely affected the education of crores of students across the country. Schools have started opening in the country after about a year. Teachers tried their best to teach students through online classes. The board of several states, including the central board CBSE, have announced the board exams of 10th and 12th. Most boards will conduct board examinations from next May. In such a situation, students have a few months to cover the syllabus. Today, you will give some such tips, by which you can bring better numbers in board exams. For this you will have to work hard continuously.

Complete the syllabus

The syllabus of the students has not been completed due to Corona. In such a situation, first of all you complete your syllabus. After that start his revision. Try to revise each subject two to three times till the exam. When you complete your syllabus properly, marks will come good on your board.

Focus more on weak topics

If any of your subjects are weak, then there is a need to focus more on them. Try to keep 1 to 2 hours extra for that subject in your time table. With this, you will be able to get hold of that subject. When you will be able to hold well on all subjects, only then you will be able to perform well in the board exam.

Get help from teachers

Schools have been opened for students from 9th to 12th in most states of the country. In such a situation, if you are having trouble in any subject, then you can take the help of teachers. Your teacher can also give some such tips, which will prove to be very helpful in board exam. Try to take as many classes as possible and discus your problems with teachers.

Prepare strategy for preparation

Your strategy should be better to pass any exam. First of all, you decide which time you want to read which subject. Make a time table for all of these and keep them in front of your table. Try to give equal time to all the subjects. All the subjects contribute equally to your result.

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