IAS Success Story: When English became an obstacle in the way of UPSC, Dilip Kumar got Hindi success


Success Story of IAS Topper Dalip Kumar: With the dream of becoming an IAS officer, lakhs of youth join the UPSC exam every year. Generally, people who appear in UPSC exam feel that this exam can be passed only on the basis of English, but it does not happen. In this exam, you can only succeed by having a good grip on all subjects. Whether the medium of your exam is English or Hindi, you will get success only through good preparation. Today, you are telling about one such person, Dilip Kumar, who gave an interview in Hindi and got success. In such a situation, if you have passed the UPSC exam, then give the interview in your language, so that you can present yourself in a better way. This will increase the chances of success.

Trouble in English

Dileep told in an interview that his education was from Hindi medium. The atmosphere around him was also Hindi. In such a situation, he had a good grip on English, but his Hindi was very strong. In such a situation, when interviewed in English twice, there was no success. Dilip believes that we are able to represent ourselves in our language in a better way. In such a situation, give an interview of UPSC in the same language in which you can express yourself better. However, Dilip believes that you should have a good grasp on all subjects. To achieve success, it is necessary to have a strong grip on English and other regional languages ​​besides Hindi.

How the idea of ​​interview changed in Hindi

In UPSC exam, Dilip Kumar reached the interview twice, but he did not succeed in becoming an IAS. Both times he gave an interview in English. For the third time, he decided to give an interview in Hindi knowing the reason for the failure. The special thing is that he took the exam in English, but opted for Hindi for the interview. His idea was very successful and he got success. For the third time in the year 2019, he got 73rd rank in the UPSC examination. Their journey shows that you give UPSC interview in the same language in which you can present your talk in a good way.

See here Dileep’s interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track

Dilip’s advice to other candidates

The candidates preparing for UPSC are called Dileep to pass the exam by making a precise strategy with hard work. After this, do not bluff anywhere in the interview. Keep in mind that never lie while giving interviews. If you do this, you will not get success. The special thing is that in the interview, tell your habits correctly. Never bring inferiority in mind about Hindi, this is our mother language and keep one thing in mind that choosing this language as a medium will never reduce your marks. There is a need only to work on other aspects. Remember that personality is tested here, not your knowledge.

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