IAS Success Story: Success in three attempts and two, it was Namrata’s journey to become an IAS


Success Story of IAS Toper Namrata Jain: The success story of 2018 topper Namrata Jain is quite inspiring. Namrata, who could not even pass the pre exam in the first attempt, became the topper crossing all the three stages in the second and third attempts. Namrata had a 99th rank in the Second Attempt, which earned her the IPS service. But Namrata had to become an IAS, so he again attested and this time breaking all records, Namrata achieved 12th rank, which ensured his becoming an IAS. How Namrata, who came from a small place, cracked the UPSC exam repeatedly, he shared in the interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track.

Early education of humility –

Namrata’s early education took place in Bastar, Dantewada. From here he studied till class 10. After this she went to Bhilai and did the eleventh and twelfth from there. After 12th, he completed his graduation from Bhilai Institute of Technology. Soon after engineering, Namrata started preparing for UPSC CSE exam. He did not do any other work with the exam. Namrata believes that if there is no compulsion then do not do anything else with UPSC exam like job or studies. According to him, this exam demands complete dedication, then the preparation is done properly and success is achieved.

Watch here interview given by Namrata Jain to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

UPSC journey of humility –

If we talk about Namrata’s UPSC journey, he gave his first prompt in 2015, but at this time he was not even selected in the pre. But Namrata believes in knowing the causes of failure and working on them instead of being very disappointed. He did the same, learned from his mistakes and took the exam again in the year 2016. Namrata got selected this year and got the 99th rank. She was also the first candidate to be selected from Dantewada on this stage. Namrata got IPS service according to the rank and she started training at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy, Hyderabad. During this time, he did not stop preparing.

Humility advice –

According to Namrata, self-confidence is the most important to succeed in this exam. For any reason, do not bring doubt in your mind that I cannot succeed in this exam because the truth is that any candidate can work hard to reach this point. After this, she says two main things which are Patience and Constancy. Namrata says that throughout this journey you have to be restrained, you will not get success, there will be mistakes, but do not lose courage. The next important thing is consistency. Whatever you read, read daily.

In the end, it is just that while preparing for the exam, do not consider pre, main and interview separately. Prepare all three together. Practice by writing as well as reading, because many times the candidates are not able to write well even if answers come. Therefore the practice of writing is very important. Give mock tests in the same test environment, with equal severity. It gives many benefits. They also help in your practice and also know the drawbacks which you can overcome in time. Remember that if you try honestly, you will definitely get success. Sometimes it can take time but your hard work will not go away.

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