IAS Success Story: Disappointed with the failures, Akshat had ever taken the decision to leave this field, then how did he become a topper? Read


Success Story of IAS Topper Akshat Kaushal: The journey of UPSC is different for everyone. If someone reaches the floor quickly, one takes more time. In such a situation, there are some candidates who are not successful till the end and eventually leave this field. Akshat Kaushal had taken a similar decision when he was not selected even in the fourth attempt. They had accepted that this area is not for them.

Then something happened that Akshat again made up his mind to give an attitude and this prompt proved to be a game changer for him. Finally, in his fifth attempt in 2017, Akshat topped the rank of 55 and he got the result of his years of hard work. In an interview to Delhi Knowledge Track, Akshat discussed the reasons for his failures in detail.

Words of friends changed life –

Akshat tells his story that when he got out of the house disappointed with the failure of the fourth attempt, he bumped into his friends like this. What four of his close friends did not know about him was that all the frustration of Akshat got winded up and he started preparing for the fifth atom with full enthusiasm. At this time, there were only 17 days left in the pre exam but Akshat gave up his life and in the exam like UPSC, which is said that anyone can fail at any stage here, Akshat succeeded in preparing for such a short time. In these 17 days, after forgetting everything and giving his hundred percent, he only kept preparing for the exam and was successful.

First understand what UPSC wants from you –

Akshat says that it is good to get complete information about the path before going on this path. First of all, know what UPSC sees in a candidate and what is expected of you in all the three phases. Only after knowing the right direction, move forward, in such a way the chances of wandering the path are reduced and more of reaching the destination.

The second important thing is to say about intact over-confidence. They say that if you have a good grip on a subject, then do not ignore it because you will have to prepare at a good level to reach the level at which the UPSC examines it. He did not pay attention to Hindi and failed in it.

Watch here interview given by Akshat Kaushal to Delhi Knowledge Track –

Sometimes what we cannot see, others see –

Akshat further tells about his story that sometimes we cannot see some things but others see them. In such a situation, if he gives you any advice, then obey it. Like his friend strongly forbade him to do the job during the second attempt but Akshat did not agree. The result was that he was selected but left intact.

The next important thing is not to boast about your strength. Many times we feel that this area is very strong for us, but when that test happens in an exam like UPSC, then we cannot score. Therefore, to meet the criteria of UPSC it is necessary to prepare at the same level. This problem with Akshat came in Essay’s paper and he had very poor marks.

Everything is not in your hands, understand this –

Akshat gives the last advice that when the results do not come even after giving your hundred percent, then some things should be left on time. The timing of some events is probably fixed, they only happen when they happen. The biggest example of this is his friends in Akshat’s life, whose advice changed his life, otherwise he would have left this area.

Not only this, Akshat also considers those 17 days of his fifth Attempt in the will of God, in which he was so much Motivate that he never looked back. So try your best, but do not be disappointed if you do not get fruit because everything is not in your hands. You just try honest and leave everything else to God.

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