IAS Success Story: Preparation from this strategy and Rohitak’s Ankita became IAS officers in second attempt


Success Story of IAS Ankita Chaudhary: Maham is a small town in Rohtak, Haryana. The topper of the year 2018 is from Ankita here. Earlier this year, not many people knew this small place, but the first IAS officer of his town, Ankita Chaudhary, successfully illuminated the name of not only his family but also his town. Ankita wanted to come to this area since childhood and before long she started making efforts in this direction. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Ankita talked about the exam in detail. With which strategy Ankita passed this difficult exam, let’s know.

Ankita’s Educational Background –

Ankita’s early studies took place in her hometown and she was always good at studies. After the twelfth, he moved to Delhi and completed his graduation and postgraduate studies from here. In both the classes, he had chosen the subject of Chemistry and had mastered it. But despite this, Ankita chose Public Administration instead of Chemistry as an optional subject in UPSC. Since UPSC was a very old dream of Ankita, after PG she only focused on this and got fully involved in the preparations. In the year 2017, he gave his first prompt but despite leaving no stone unturned from his side, he was not selected. Ankita did not lose courage and tried again. In this effort, she was not only successful but also became a topper.

Watch here the interview given by Ankita Chaudhary to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Focus on revision and mock tests for Pre –

Talking about the preparation of UPSC exam, Ankita says that for the pre exam first, strengthen the basics and for that read the NCERT books, especially in class 9 to 12. After this, select standard books but be careful not to crowd the books, otherwise you will not be able to revise in the end. According to Ankita, the second important point is to make notes. She says that revision will be easier if you make notes. After passing the exam, keep in mind that the notes are revised at least three times. After that when the preparation reaches a level, then give mock test. They benefit a lot from them. With time, the candidate gets to know his shortcomings, by working on which he can increase his marks. So give a lot of mock tests and analyze them.

Answer writing is important for men.

Ankita says that a lot of reading has to be done for men and a lot of answer writing has to be done. Until you learn to write good answers, you do not get marks, no matter how much knowledge you have. So after reading aloud from limited books, write a lot of answers. Pay special attention to optional as this topic can make or break your rank. Similarly, be careful while selecting it and choose the subject in which you are interested. Ankita herself had chosen Public Administration, despite having a chemistry background, but it was a thought-provoking decision, which later proved to be right when Ankita got very good marks in it.

Apart from studies, Ankita advises candidates to give time to their hobbies. She says that it is not always necessary to keep studying, after a time you start feeling saturated. It would be better to work in the middle of your interest so that the mind is fresh. In the end, just revise that fiercely, get a good sleep a day before the paper and move forward enjoying the journey without worrying. When we do some work by not doing it as a burden, then the chances of getting success increase.

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