IAS Success Story: It took three years to become an IAS officer from an engineer, the pace of Dileep never slowed down


Success Story of IAS Topper Dilip Pratap Singh Shekhawat: When there is passion and passion to do something inside someone, then the obstacle coming in the way becomes a problem and not an opportunity for him. We are talking about Dilip Pratap Singh Shekhawat of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, who neither had any experience in this field nor any guide in the family. But Dileep not only chose this completely new and extremely difficult path but also became a topper. Although Dileep had to give three prompts to achieve this success, but he never gave up and gave up. Finally, in the third attempt, Dileep topped the All India Rank 72 and fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a collector. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Dileep gave special tips for preparing for the exam.

Engineer is Dileep –

Before coming to the field of UPSC CSE, Dileep has graduated from Chemical Engineering. After completing his graduation, he started preparing for the exam and despite working hard on his behalf, stopped coming on some stage. There was disappointment after every defeat but Dileep never bowed down to them. In the first attempt, he did not get pre-selection and in the second attempt he stopped coming to the mains. The bad thing was that both times Dileep failed with a very small margin. However, he did not cry for a long time and in the third attempt he crossed all the stages and became a straight topper. In this way, Dileep’s dream of becoming an IAS was fulfilled in the year 2018.

Watch the interview given by Dilip Pratap Singh Shekhawat to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Do not be worried about medium and background –

Dilip says that when it comes to preparing for this exam, it often comes in the minds of the candidates to choose Hindi Medium or English. Especially those of Hindi medium feel that through this medium they cannot succeed. Dileep clarifies that medium has no role in success. However, there are some basic problems that should be considered while choosing the medium. For example, in Hindi medium, books are not available many times, on many subjects material is not available. Like what some foreign thinkers have said on many important topics, it is difficult to find in Hindi. Apart from these, there is no discrimination in getting marks or by the interview panel.

The same applies to the background. It doesn’t matter what kind of background you are or how you have been educated. If you work hard you will definitely succeed.

Optional is necessary –

Dileep furthers the matter and says that to bring good rank in this exam, the option is very important. So choose it very thoughtfully. Keep some points in mind which is the first interest. Always choose your topic of interest. You can also choose the subject from which you have graduated. Try picking up the previous year’s papers to get more knowledge of the subject. Find out how people score in this optional, that is, whether the subject is scoring or not. After finding out about such small but important things, you choose your option. Try that once selected, keep it to the end.

Coaching and going to Delhi is not necessary –

Another important question that comes to the mind of the candidates is about the choice of coaching. While answering this question, Dilip says that if you have the right guidance, then there is no need to join coaching. This guidance can be obtained from anywhere, from any senior, teacher or internet. If you know the way, then get your confidence in it because UPSC is a game of self-study. Only those who are coaching can tell you the way, you have to walk yourself.

The same applies for visiting Delhi. If you cannot go to Delhi, then there is no problem in this because nowadays it is the age of the Internet and everything is available at a click. You can get everything from the net that you will get when you go to Delhi.

In the end, it is just that the journey gets very long, so keep yourself Motivated and for this see the interviews and blogs of the toppers. Stay away from negative people and you will surely get success.

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