IAS Success Story: Preparing for the job, Shubham wins the UPSC exam in the fourth attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Shubham Gupta: Along with UPSC Journey of Shubham Gupta of Jaipur, Rajasthan, Life’s Journey was also full of struggle. Coming from an ordinary family, Shubham’s childhood was not like that of ordinary children. Due to financial constraints, he used to help in the work of Shubham’s father at the age of playing. However, no matter what the situation, Shubham never cried nor gave up his excuse by giving up his problems.

It also took a long time for Shubham to get the desired rank in UPSC CSE exam but he did not step back and achieved success by working on his shortcomings. In 2018, Shubham was selected once more with the rank of 366 before he got the 6th rank and he got the Indian Accounts Service in which he gave the rest of the attachments while training. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Shubham spoke openly about the preparation for the exam. Know in detail

Watch here interview given by Shubham Gupta to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Shubham has been a student of Economics –

If you talk about Shubham’s educational background, then he has been a student of Economics. He did his BA Hons (Economics) from Delhi University and took admission in the Masters when he was first selected in the UPSC examination. Instead of completing a master’s degree in economics, Shubham chose to work in the Indian Account Service and came to his home town of Jaipur for training. However, Shubham, who had dreamed of becoming an IAS since childhood, was not satisfied with his rank and again gave Attempts. Finally, in his fourth attempt, Shubham achieved All India Rank 6 and his childhood dream of becoming an IAS was fulfilled.

Work does not work only by studying –

Shubham has a slightly different view about this exam. They say that in this exam, not only your knowledge is tested but your overall development is seen, your personality is checked. For this, it is important to keep a close watch on the events happening around.

Shubham believes that study but at the same time stay connected with the country and the world. They do not give advice like turning off social media, not watching TV, not meeting anyone. Shubham says that this journey takes many years, so impractical things like not connecting with others do not last long. It would be better if you keep a balance between all the things and study, as well as continue to read news papers, watch news channels and do every activity that enhances your personality, which enhances you as a person.

If you are unable to do coaching, do not worry –

Shubham further says that many times candidates feel that if for some reason they are not able to do coaching then they cannot succeed. But it is not true. Once you get complete guidance about the exam, then make your strategy according to yourself and gather limited sources. After this, prepare and you will definitely get success. Shubham also took coaching first, but later on did not understand it and gave up self study. However, they definitely recommend joining the test series. If you are not in a condition to accept this too, then take test paper from the market and solve it, but solve the paper. Take care of one thing that give the paper in an exam-like environment so that your mind can be programmed for the main exam day.

Shubham’s advice –

Shubham advises other candidates to first strengthen their base with NCERT books and do not collect too many standard books. Read as many books as you can revise frequently. No one can pass this exam without revision. Dedication and determination are the other elements that make any candidate successful. Do not panic when you lose and try again with double vigor. It takes many times to pass this exam, so don’t worry. If you grow in the right direction with the right planning and hard work, then you will definitely reach the destination. It may take time to get success, but you will definitely get it.

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