IAS Success Story: Harpreet’s journey to become an IAS was not lost on repeated failures by approaching success


Success Story of IAS Topper Harpreet Singh: The journey of UPSC exam is different for everyone. If someone becomes successful quickly, one has to give a lot of prompts. As such, failure is not easy for anyone to digest, but when someone repeatedly fails to get close to success, then the trouble is greater.

Something similar was happening with Harpreet Singh of Ludhiana. He gave the UPSC exam five times, in which he got stuck after passing the pre in the first exam but in the remaining two examinations, he was not selected even after reaching the interview round. Obviously there is disappointment in such a situation, but Harpreet kept courage in every situation. He finally topped the 19th rank in his fifth attempt in the year 2018. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Harpreet shared the experience of her five efforts.

Watch the interview given by Harpreet Singh to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

The journey of UPSC started in the year 2013 –

After graduating, Harpreet went to Chandigarh with his friend after making up his mind to give UPSC exams and he joined coaching here. Meanwhile, he got a job offer from a company and Harpreet started a job with the intention of preparing for the job. Actually, there is so much risk in this exam that Harpreet wanted to take an option. At the same time, he gave his first ambassador and his selection was in the pre exam but he could not progress further. In both of his later efforts, Harpreet reached the interview round but never retreated. Meanwhile, Harpreet got selected in CAPF due to the other entrance exam and he got BSF allotment. Here he joined the post of Assistant Commandant.

A lot was happening in Harpreet’s life but the job was going on simultaneously. He never thought of quitting the job. In the meantime, Harpreet crossed all stages in the Fourth Attempt and was allotted the Indian Trade Service. Harpreet joined the BSF commandant post but he did not fill his mind with this rank. The result was that they still kept preparing. Thus jobs changed but there was no shortage in Harpreet’s efforts.

Harpreet’s advice –

Harpreet advises other candidates to never lose self-confidence and stay engaged during this journey. Many times the family pressure is to do another job, sometimes we feel that others have settled with us but we are still here, but do not panic. This happens to everyone, but the one who wins does not panic.

Without getting frustrated with repeated failures, Harpreet used to remember the words of his friend that one day God gives the fruits of true hard work. If there are some varieties, then they are selected in the first year, that is, someone gets the fruit quickly and some one’s patience is tested more. But if the effort is true then there is definitely success.

In the end, Harpreet simply tells the other candidates that without ceasing, keep trying continuously, if you are working sincerely, then today you will definitely be selected. Never take the words of others to heart because once you become successful, everyone’s mouths are closed automatically. Yes, definitely do so, as an alternative, keep on giving some more exams so that if you do not reach here otherwise because this exam is very risky, where success is not available at times. There is no harm in preparing practical.

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