IAS Success Story: Failed in every exam but topper in UPSC, this journey of goals was different


Success Story of IAS Topper Lakshya Singhal:UPSC is considered one of the most difficult examinations in the country. Also, the general perception about this exam is that only the bright candidates can pass it. But in such situations also come candidates like Laksh Singhal who are not able to achieve success in various competitive examinations in their career, yet aim to pass the exam like UPSC and are relatively successful in it. Lakshya topped the UPSC CSE examination with 38th rank in his second attempt in the year 2018. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Lakshya spoke openly about his UPSC journey.

That’s why the path of UPSC

It is very fun due to Lakshya going into UPSC field. They say that as is the case in ordinary families, when the child is not good at reading, the family does not give him special attention, nor do they have high expectations from him, the same was done with the goal. Then he got good marks in class X for the first time in his student life. The result was that Lakshya got a lot of importance in the family for the first time. The goal was that if there is to be respect in the family and society, then something big has to be done in studies.

At the same time, a boy from Lakshya’s neighborhood succeeded in the UPSC CSE exam. Seeing his status, Lakshya made up his mind to enter this area. For both of these reasons, his child was attracted to this. Even after this, Lakshya did not perform well in any class or any competition.

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The family did not have expectations –

After the twelfth, Lakshya gave a lot of engineering exam but no one could crack it. Due to this, the remaining confidence of his family also ended that he can succeed in a big test. In such a situation, when it came to BE from the State University, Lakshya wanted to take computer engineering, but his father asked Lakshya to choose mechanical engineering. He said that if he does not do anything, then at least do mechanical engineering and manage his home business. In this way Laksh graduated from this branch. However, after BE, he told his father that he wanted to give civil service. Everyone felt that there is no selection in his house, but what goes into trying. Thus, Lakshya came to Delhi from Ghaziabad to do coaching.

Up to the interview round in the first attempt –

Lakshya coached the first one year, but his experience was not good. At the second attempt, he came home and prepared from here. He started his journey again by learning strategy and learning from past mistakes through limited resources. Revised the same books again and again. Lakshya reached the interview round qualifying pre, men in the first time too but in the interview round his selection stopped by 6 points.

After not being selected, Lakshya saw his shortcomings and spent ten days writing them somewhere on how to overcome them. In his second attempt, Lakshya did not repeat those mistakes, but the target had also decided that this time the selection does not happen, he will leave the path and do something else.

Goal advice –

While giving preparation tips, Lakshya says that everyone’s competition is different. You cannot compete with anyone, so do your planning according to yourself. The target was initially read for ten to twelve hours, which gradually changed from six to eight hours. However, he says that consistency is very important to pass this exam. Whatever you read, read daily. Consider the time you give in preparation for this exam as an investment and study diligently. Yes, it is better to have a backup plan ready, because there is no guarantee of success in this exam. In this way you can see how an average student not only passed the country’s most difficult examination, but also topped it in the second attempt.

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