IAS Success Story: Himanshu Kaushik, who brought back engineering, became an IAS officer in the first attempt, how? Read


Success Story of IAS Topper Himanshu Kaushik: UPSC Journey of Himanshu Kaushik of Delhi sets a great example for all those candidates who feel that UPSC is not a tough exam like CSE for average students. Himanshu proves that to pass this exam requires hard work and determination and not a golden educational background. How you have been in earlier studies or whether you have studied in a big institution or not, all these things do not matter. From the day you decide to take this exam, a new chapter in your life begins. To succeed in this, whatever effort you make, you will get the same result. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Himanshu discussed in detail about his Journey which broke many confusions of the candidates.

Watch the interview given by Himanshu Kaushik to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Himanshu Background –

Himanshu hails from Delhi and his early education was also done. Himanshu has always been an average student and no achievements like topping any class are associated with him. His best performance was in class ten when he passed the examination with 82 percent marks. After this, his journey was spent as an average student. In addition, he also came back twice in BTech. Even after working hard, his BTech scored 65 percent marks. After graduation, Himanshu started working in an IT firm. Till this time UPSC was not on his mind. After three years of work, Himanshu thought of trying his luck in some other field.

Everyone was disappointed –

Himanshu also wanted to give UPSC exams in the past, but his people demoted him at every step. Given the previous academic record of Himanshu and the difficulty level of UPSC exam, everyone told them not to try their hand in this field. Not only this, people advised them not to take any such risk that they may have to lose their hands even with a good job. In fact, an atmosphere is created in our society by taking many things. Such is the atmosphere for UPSC exam that only Brilliant students are able to clear it. Himanshu also believed these things to be true. However, then one day, he decided that he would try once, so that there would be no regret of taking a chance in life.

Job Preparation –

First Himanshu left the job and focused solely on exam preparation. Gathered complete information and also joined coaching for correct guidance. When the base was ready, Himanshu stepped forward and threw every deviation that came in the way out of his life. Be it internet, friends, relatives, party, functions whatever. About this, Himanshu says that the Internet is a very good place from where all kinds of help is available for studies, but at the same time it is also a great source of distracting attention. On realizing this, he had deleted all his social media accounts.

Himanshu’s advice –

The lesson we learn from Himanshu’s story is that you should decide for yourself and do not give anyone the right to tell you your abilities. If Himanshu too believed the fact that UPSC CSE is only for the brilliant students who came out of IITs, IIMs and did not try, then they would never reach here. So if you have confidence in your abilities, then do make at least one effort and devote your life to this effort. Make every effort to make the first atom last, because this energy level does not remain inside you in the journey ahead. Do not be disappointed even if you fail and remember that true efforts never go empty. In this way, Himanshu’s Journey teaches how even if an average student decides, UPSC can pass any examination.

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