IAS Success Story: Father used to run tea shop and son became IAS officer in first attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Deshaldan Ratnu: Among the many misconceptions that are on the mind of UPSC CSE exam, one of the main is that the background and environment of the candidates have a big role in passing this exam. But when we look at the journey of Deshldan Ratanu of Rajasthan, it is found that neither he got the education environment nor the facilities nor the resources but despite all these, he not only made up his mind to take the country’s toughest examination but in the first attempt Also topped with 82nd rank. One cannot even imagine that a boy in whose house it was difficult for his father to provide essential things because a tea shop used to run the household expenses, he would one day become an IAS officer. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Deshldan spoke on various issues. Know in detail

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Inspiration from elder brother –

Due to lack of money in Deshal’s house all the brothers and sisters could not study. Only Deshal and one of his elder brothers turned to education. Father did not earn anything special from the few farms that he had, so he started putting up a T-stall. The rest of Deshal’s brothers and sisters either worked at this T-stall or on the fields.

Deshal’s home environment was not a teacher, but in his childhood he had made up his mind to continue his education and would not work on the farm or the T-stall. There was also a big role of Deshal’s elder brother, who was in the Indian Navy. When he used to come home, he used to tell many things about Deshal and used to say to Deshal that you either grow up in the Indian Force or in administrative services. From here, the foundation of UPSC exam was laid in Deshal’s mind. However, Deshal broke down when his elder brother died on duty. It was a huge emotional loss for him, but he never forgot the words of his brother.

Deshldan trip –

Deshal was in Class X at the time of elder brother’s death. From this time on, he became very serious about studies and went to Kota after tenth. From here he did the twelfth. After 12th, Deshal gave JEE entrance and also got selected. He graduated from IIT Jabalpur. He graduated but his brother’s administrative job did not come out of his mind. With this, he had reached here with such difficulties that he wanted to help other candidates like himself. For this too, they found UPSC a good way.

Well Deshal went to Delhi for preparation but he knew that he has neither money nor much time to prepare for UPSC. They wanted to pass this exam as soon as possible. The same happened and Deshal passed the UPSC examination with the 82nd rank in the first time without coaching and got fulfilled by fulfilling his brother’s dream.

What does the story of Deshladan teach?

The struggle of Deshldan’s life makes many things clear. Whether someone is educated or not in your home, how is your home environment, where is your schooling from, all these things can never become a road to success, if you are ready to give your 100 percent. Seeing Deshldan, it really changes the belief that even after such a life and so much struggle, success can be achieved. At the age of just 24, Deshal made his place in the list of toppers in the UPSC 2017 exam. This success shows that one who has qualities, how he stays in the environment but does not lose his qualities. He chose his own life from start to become an officer. The result was that this son of a very ordinary family passed the country’s toughest examination and became an IAS officer in the first attempt.

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