IAS Success Story: Despite losing hearing power, I did not lose courage and in the first attempt IAS officer became 23 years old


Success Story of IAS Topper Saumya Sharma: Soumya Sharma is originally from Delhi. She not only passed the UPSC CSE exam in the first year in the year 2017 but also became an All India Topper with ninth rank. According to the rank, he got the rank of IAS. Here we have covered this journey of Soumya, but if we sit down to write the struggle behind this journey, maybe even four books fall short. Well, Soumya does not like sympathy and does not like crying about problems. She believes in constantly moving forward under any circumstances on the lines of The Show Must Go On. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Soumya talked in detail about the preparation of UPSC exam. Know about both the journey of UPSC and the journey of life.

Watch here interview given by Soumya Sharma to Delhi Knowledge Track –

When suddenly one day lost hearing power –

One day at the age of 16, Soumya’s hearing power suddenly went away. The reason why this happened was never revealed even after but Soumya had lost 90 to 95 percent hearing capacity. At first, Soumya was not able to recover from this shock, but after some time she accepted this and explained to herself that now this is her truth and she has to die like this. After this, Soumya listens with the help of hearing aid.

Talking about education, Soumya was always good at reading and after school she taught from National Law School, Delhi. In the final year of law itself, Soumya decided to sit in the UPSC examination and passed the examination in her first attempt at the age of just 23.

Choose books carefully –

Saumya says choose your sources carefully. It is not that you have to read on the same topic repeatedly and from different books. Choose your books leisurely, but once selected, read from them only. Apart from this, Soumya also considers making notes very good, with the help of which the topics are revised in a very short time during the exam time. Along with reading, the practice of writing is also very important according to them so that a good answer can be written in the given time. Soumya was very fond of reading the paper since childhood which was very useful in preparing for this exam. He did not take coaching for UPSC exams but joined the test series a lot. He gave mock tests for pre, main, interview three.

103 Mains papers given in fever –

Saumya had a high viral fever at the time of the Men’s exam. At this time if she wanted, she could have easily decided not to take the exam but she did not do so. She did not want to give up without effort so reached the exam. On the days of the Mains exam, Soumya had 102 fever, which sometimes reached 103 but did not subside. Saline drip was offered three to three times a day. Both of his parents are doctors, so this difficult time of Saumya was cut relatively easily. In the midst of the exam, when there was a lunch break, even Soumya used to feel drip. Thus, he completed the Mains exam amid high fever.

Soumya’s advice –

Soumya advises other UPSC aspirants to practice a lot of reading as well as writing. Make notes and stay in touch with toppers, listen to their interviews. After knowing everyone’s strategy, select the strategy that is best for you. Handle the study material and stick to the same book till the end. Do not ignore this paper because this is what makes your rank.

In the end, this is the only problem in everyone’s life. Some manage to hide behind them and some face them from the front. You have to choose for yourself. As far as UPSC is concerned, here hard work is required first and patience second. If both of them join hands and go on a journey, then the destination will definitely be found.

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