IAS Success Story: 6 attempts, five failed but Saurabh did not lose courage until IAS officer


Success Story of IAS Topper Saurav Pandey: The journey of UPSC is different for every candidate. If someone succeeds early, someone takes time and someone takes too much time. Saurabh Pandey belongs to this third category, who failed not once or twice but five times in one phase of UPSC exam. In the first three times, the pre-examination did not come out and in the remaining two attempts, the interview rounds were reached but the name did not appear in the list. This was the time when Saurabh was largely disappointed. But he benefited from being among the positive people and in his sixth and last attempt, he not only got selected but also became a topper with 66th rank. Thus, Saurabh’s years of hard work and patience brought color and he was elected to the post of IAS. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Saurabh spoke openly about his struggle for these years.

Watch here interview given by Saurabh Pandey to Delhi Knowledge Track –

Repeated failures –

Saurabh is originally from Benaras. He graduated from BITS Pilani and started working after that. Shortly after the job, he thought of going towards his goal and started preparing for the UPSC exam. In 2014, he gave the first attempt. Saurabh could not pass the first phase this year and in the two years that followed. Three Attempts had taken place and Saurabh did not even get a chance to write Mains. After much effort, in the fourth Attempt of the year 2017, Saurabh cleared both pre and main and reached the interview but the final list was not named. The same happened in the fifth Apt. This was the time when Saurabh began to feel that he had come into the wrong field.

Proceeded with the support of friends and family –

After reaching the interview in the fifth Attempt, Saurabh almost took the decision to leave this field even after the selection was not made. However, after the result came and there was very little time left for the next pre paper. Saurabh agreed to give this prompt due to the motivations of friends and family. God had made some other plan for Saurabh. In the effort, he did not want to move forward, he only turned his fate around. Saurabh, who has failed from year to year, become the topper this year. Saurabh’s Journey teaches us that when the bus is no longer there, at the same time, showing a little more courage can turn a bet. If Saurabh did not make this effort, he would never reach where he had dreamed for years.

Saurabh’s advice –

Saurabh’s journey teaches other candidates that they should not be afraid of repeated failures and keep trying. Keep one thing in mind that in this exam, the previous attachments have no importance. If the previous prompt was very good, then there is no guarantee that the next one will go well and if the previous one was bad then it does not mean that you do not have to give the next prompt based on it. Every attempt is a completely new endeavor.

Stay away from negative people as far as possible. Stay in touch with family and some special friends so that when the courage breaks, they support. If you are very upset, then share it with your special people, do not keep it in mind. Keep backup plans ready for you, this reduces stress.

In the end, just when it seems that it is no longer possible, just take a little more moment and know if your life will change like Saurabh. How sweet can be the fruit of not losing courage till the end, Saurabh is a living example of this.

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