IAS Success Story: Five times failed but did not give up, in the last attempt, Nupur fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS


Success Story of IAS Topper Nupur Goel: Nupur Goyal hails from Delhi. His UPSC journey is special in many ways. Any candidate can afford to fail one or two or at most three times, but just think if a candidate fails five times and that woman too, then how difficult will it be for her. Actually, there are different types of social pressures on women which they have to face. On one hand, the pressure of not being able to take the exam, on the other, different kinds of things and family pressure arise in the society. But Nupur stood amidst so many problems. Failed repeatedly but did not step back. Eventually her years of hard work paid off in the year 2019 when she was selected with 11th rank and was selected for the post of IAS. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Nupur spoke openly about this journey.

Repeated failure –

Nupur Goyal is originally from Delhi and did his early education from here. After this he did engineering from Delhi Technological University and took a master’s degree in public administration from IGNOU. At the time when she was selected, she was working in the Intelligence Bureau as an Intelligence Officer.

If you want to tell about the whole journey of Nupur, then in the first attempt, she reached the interview and in the second she could not even pass the pre. She reached the interview again in the third and could not even pass the pre in the fourth. Interviewed again in the fifth but the name did not appear in the final list. She finally got success in her last attempt and went straight to the top ten list. This journey of Nupur was very difficult, but there was something in them which kept falling every time but never thought of quitting.

Watch the interview given by Nupur Goyal to Delhi Knowledge Track –

This dream was not only of his family –

Nupur further says that this journey is so long that it is natural to feel demoted in it. In such a situation, your support system should be strong to get you out of bad times. Like your parents, family, friends and teachers. She says that the dream of civil service is not just of individual, but when everyone has it, it motivates you to move forward. When you start losing courage in difficult times, remind yourself that so many people’s hopes are attached to you, you cannot take steps backward.

Not only this, when you are successful and see pride for yourself in the eyes of these people, then at that time there is no greater capital of life. Therefore, everyone should move forward by making them their travel companions.

This journey teaches a lot –

Nupur says that before you start preparing for this exam, do not get into this field thinking that you will be successful in the first time. Because it does not happen many times, sometimes it takes time and sometimes it takes a lot of time. But keep in mind here that this journey is very special in itself in which you learn a lot. Even if you do not reach anywhere, as a human being you have developed so much that you are left with no harm. She says one more thing that hardwork never goes waste. If not today, then tomorrow you will surely get the fruits of your hard work. The values ​​that you find in this journey are useful for you throughout your life. Believe on this journey and continue the journey, you will definitely reach the destination one day.

Nupur’s advice –

In the end, Nupur says that many times it takes too long to get success, so do not get upset, rather see what is said to be lacking. Accept your shortcomings and rectify them then see if you will get success. However, when the result comes after a whole year of hard work, and we see that the selection is not made, it is not easy to bear it but you have no option but to move forward.

Think of it as a gardener who keeps on giving water to trees, but fruits come only when the season comes, so you too keep on doing without worrying about the fruit. You will definitely get fruit when the time comes and your years of hard work will not go in vain. Rather you will know that whatever was wrong with you in this journey, there was a reason behind it. You have learned so much in these years, you have developed so much that no one is left in the mind of the long journey.

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