IAS Success Story: This girl of a farmer who reaches abroad from a small village, became the UPSC topper


Success Story of IAS Topper Ilma Afroz: Kundarki is a town in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. This town is the place of birth and karma of our topper today. A girl who came out of this small place reached Oxford University, New York and then became an IPS officer by topping UPSC exams. Yes, we are talking about the 2017 topper Ilma Afroz, whose journey of life seems no less than a film story. There were so many struggles in her life since childhood and the courage with which Ilma faced them is worth it. But this story was not Ilmi but Ilma’s real struggle. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, he talked about various aspects of his life. Know in detail

When the father’s shadow removed from the head untimely –

Ilma and her happy family got noticed when her father died untimely. At that time, Ilma was 14 years old and her brother was 12 years old. Due to the absence of a single earning member of the house, a family of troubles suddenly broke on the family. Ilma’s mother did not know what to do. People advised not to waste money in teaching the girl and marry her, the burden will be reduced. Ilma’s Ammi never responded to anyone, but always made up her mind.

Ilma always topped class one. In such a situation, his tendency towards studies was not hidden from his mother. Instead of collecting money for his dowry, his mother taught the daughter with that money. Ilma was also well aware of the family situation, so she started getting scholarships on the basis of her hard work long ago. All the higher studies of Ilma have been done through scholarships.

Watch the interview given by Ilma Afroz to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Travel from Kundarki to St. Stephen’s –

Ilma considers her years spent in St. Stephen’s as the best time of life, where she learned a lot. However, because of sending the daughter to Delhi, her mother listened to a good deal as if the daughter would get out of her hands, she had complete faith in her child on teaching him what to do, etc. After St. Stephen’s, Ilma had the opportunity to go to Oxford for the Masters. Now the villagers and relatives have left no stone unturned and even declared that the girl will not return from the hand. Ilma’s Ammi still did not pay attention to anyone.

Here, Ilma’s Ammi was listening to so many things, there Ilma was teaching tuition to children to fulfill other expenses apart from her studies in UK, sometimes taking care of young children. Even wash the utensils of the people.

Turned down job offer abroad

After completing a degree abroad, Ilma went to New York to join a volunteer program. Here he got a good job offer. If Ilma had wanted, she would have taken this offer and settled in abroad. But they did not do so. His father taught him to connect with roots. Ilma says that my country has the right to my education, I have the right to my mother. Why should I settle in another country except my own?

After coming back from New York, Ilma got the idea of ​​UPSC. His brother inspired him for this. Ilma says, when she returned to the village, the eyes of the people of the village had a different glow. He used to think that the daughter has come out of school, now all the problems will be eradicated. If someone wants to become a ration card, then one has to take advantage of some government scheme. Everyone brought hope to Ilma. Ilma also felt that UPSC is an area through which she can fulfill her dream of serving the country.

Floor reached with the support of mother and brother –

Ilma was always ahead in studies and confirmed her intention. With this, he always got the support of his mother and brother. Finally, in the year 2017, Ilma passed the UPSC examination at the age of 26 with 217th rank. When it came to choosing the service, he chose IPS. The board asked why the Indian Foreign Service said otherwise, Ilma said, no sir, I have to irrigate my roots, I have to work for my country only.

Ilma’s story tells how important it is to stay connected with the land. Stay connected with the ground and keep an eye on the target. Ilma never allowed her success to be beheaded. Nor did he forget the cooperation of the people found in the path of this success. Rather, whoever became their partner in this struggle thanked everyone and never failed to give their contribution when the opportunity comes.

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