IAS Success Story: Neither coaching nor guidance of anyone, IAS officer became fund on the strength of his hard work, know his success story


Success Story of IAS Topper Nidhi Siwach: Nidhi Sivach not only passed the UPSC CSE exam in the third attempt in the year 2018 but also topped the 83rd rank and was selected for her IAS post of choice. In the first two attempts of this, she considers herself responsible for not having a selection and finally in her third attempt, she succeeded by correcting the mistakes of the old Attempts.

A big funny anecdote is also associated with Nidhi’s UPSC Journey. In the interview given to the Delhi Knowledge Track, Nidhi says that when she was trying to give the third time, she was allowed to take the exam on behalf of the family with the condition that in any stage of the examination, she would fail her journey there. Have to do. They will be married soon after that. That is, if you failed in the pre, then you were out there, then you were in the mains. However, this did not come to an end and Nidhi proved herself to be the final attempt in the third attempt.

Fund background –

The fund is originally from Gurugram, Haryana. His early studies were also done here. Nidhi also did her graduation from a college in Haryana and after pursuing a mechanical engineering degree, started working in a Hyderabad-based company. Here he worked for two years but he did not mind. She wanted to do something else and especially something that fulfilled the desire to do something for the country. With this idea, Nidhi took the AFCAT exam and passed the written examination. The subsequent SSB interview changed his life. There the interviewer told them that they should choose civil services over defense. Just from here Nidhi got the idea of ​​civil services and she got ready.

Watch the interview given by Nidhi Sivach to the Delhi Knowledge Track –


When failed twice –

Nidhi gave just three months of the examination when she gave the first attempt and she could not even finish the syllabus. In the second assembly too, his preparation was not as it should be for this examination. By this time, she was also working and it was difficult for her to find time for studies. This was also the time when the householders started telling Nidhi that they gave a lot of time to their careers, now get married. If the elder child of the house is a girl, then this pressure increases many times.

Nidhi did not want to give up UPSC’s dream under any circumstances. He requested his father for one more last chance. This time she left her job and came to her home and started working hard day and night. He took the path of self study for the preparation of UPSC.

Did not leave the room for months –

Nidhi’s dedication can be gauged from the fact that when Nidhi stepped into the house for the purpose of preparing for UPSC, after leaving the job, for the first time after 6 months, she saw the main gate of her house, that too to take the pre exam. . Nidhi says that it is not the case that there are no distractions while studying at home. But you have to protect yourself from any kind of distraction.

Another thing to note with the preparation of Nidhi is that she breaks all myths related to the preparation of UPSC. Neither did he ever take coaching, nor join any group who are preparing for the exam, nor has anyone ever left his family from UPSC and also got selected in government job from where he can get guidance. Thus, wherever a candidate could get help, all the avenues were closed to fund, yet he not only succeeded in UPSC but also got good rank.

Funding Experience –

Nidhi says that being closed at home does not mean that you are cut off from the competition of the outside world. There are all facilities online, use them and see where you are standing in the crowd of other candidates and what is the level of your preparation. Nidhi used to give a lot of mock tests and also used to match them with the answers of the toppers on the internet.

Nidhi had only one goal during her journey to UPSC to learn from her mistakes. She used to check frequently and said that there is a shortage and how to overcome it. She says that UPSC tests many of your qualities such as profession, hard work, smart work, knowledge implementation etc. If you move in the right direction with the right intention, then it will be late, but you will definitely get success.

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