IAS Success Story: IIT pass out Chirag passed UPSC exam in third attempt, what was his strategy, read here


Success Story of IAS Topper Chirag Jain: Engineer Chirag Jain cleared the UPSC CSE exam in his third attempt in the year 2018. Earlier, he had given the first attempt in 2016 in which he could not pass the pre exam. He reached the interview round in the second semester of 2017 but could not make it to the list. Finally in his third attempt in the year 2018, Chirag cleared the UPSC CSE exam. Along with this, Chirag was also giving Indian Forest Service exam and for two years he was also selected here. Not only this, his rank in this service was even better. In the years 2017 and 2018, Chirag had the highest marks in mathematics. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Chirag talked in detail about the preparation of Maths.

You can also watch the interview given by Chirag Jain to the Delhi Knowledge Track –

Math Optional is like setting up a heavy industry

Talking about Maths Optional, Chirag says that this topic is like setting up an industry where you have to work very hard in the beginning and face all kinds of problems. But once the industry is set up, when the profits start coming, then as if all your hard work gets the destination. That is, choosing Maths Optional and getting command on it is a bit difficult in the beginning but once you are set then the problem does not come. After that you start getting its benefits. So if you also want to work hard in the beginning and eat fruit later, then choose this topic.

Toppers take this subject –

Chirag further says that often the candidates who top the UPSC have Maths Optional because this subject is very scoring. There may be a delay in clearing the fund once or understanding the concept, but later when everything is set then there is no problem.

Chirag says that the syllabus of this topic is very high, so prepare it in advance. As an optional, you will have to give it at least nine to ten months. Keeping this in mind, it will be better that you start preparing for it first. Chirag also advises that if possible, complete 70 to 80 percent syllabus before pre and focus mainly on revision after pre.

Chirag’s advice –

In the end, Chirag says that first of all, look at the syllabus and last year’s paper very well. With this you will learn to pick the right question. Here, choosing the right questionnaire from the questions is also a big task that will come from practice. Therefore, if the preparation reaches a level, then give a lot of mock tests. With this, you will get your practice as well as your Silly Mistakes will also be known, which you can get more points by saving.

Chirag further says that there are only two types of scores in maths, either very good or very bad. So the only thing that works in this subject is that either comes or does not come. It means to say that if you do not have a command in this subject, then do not choose this subject at all. No part of it also matches GS, so the whole preparation of GS has to be done separately. Thus, after considering all these points, choose this subject.

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