IAS Success Story: Preparing for the job, Alok won the UPSC exam in the third attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Alok Singh: Alok Singh’s UPSC Journey has two special things. One is that Alok never gave up the job to prepare for the exam and secondly, every time he left the first attempt out of the total four attempts, he was successful in the pre exam. There is another record associated with Alok that he always passed this exam by self study. Whatever guidance he took was taken through the Internet. Apart from this, Alok was very lucky that in almost every job, he got very supportive and anchoring bosses who always motive him. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Alok talked about his journey, especially giving tips for preparing for the pre exam.

You can also watch the interview given by Alok Singh to the Delhi Knowledge Track

Due to this the care of UPSC came –

Alok’s father is originally from Bihar but Alok was born and educated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. After this, mechanical engineer Alok got a job with the Steel Authority of India. During his job here, he came in contact with the tribal tribes and was quite moved by seeing that they did not even have basic resources. They do not have access to drinking water. For this reason, Alok decided to go to some area from where something could be done for him. UPSC showed them a great option. Due to less time for studies, Alok changed jobs and his selection was made in UPSC EPFO. While doing the job here, he gave alerts and was selected in the third attempt.

Basic Books, Current Affairs and Test Series –

For the preparation of Pre, Alok says to pay full attention to three things. They say that first thing is that the basic books are popular, prepare from them and try for every subject to use the same book. This makes it easier to revise in the end.

Now come to the current affairs. They tell that whether you read the newspaper for this, whether you subscribe to the monthly magazine or adopt any other method which you feel is right. But do the same selection here too. If you keep too many sources, then you will not reach anywhere, only once the course will be completed.

Finally we come to the third point and that is the test series. When the preparation is done, solve the test series. In this too, not only to give paper but also to analyze it, and where mistakes have been made, remove the paper and revise it. Many people make the test series a means of revision. However, first preparation and later revision is a better option.

Alok’s advice –

Alok says that first of all, know one thing, whether it is the strategy of preparing for the exam, whether to make a schedule for studies or to adopt the question paper, always make a schedule according to your need. Do not copy anyone. It is not necessary that someone who has worked for someone else, should also work for you because everyone’s strength and weekend is different. So plan for yourself according to your needs.

Revision is very important for success in pre, so revise again and again and keep limited source for this to happen properly. If some topics are not found later, then search for them with the help of internet, do not buy a separate book for them. For any other type of problem, turn to the Internet. Here the answer to your every question is available.

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