IAS Success Story: Abhishek, who reached the final stage in two out of three attempts, passed UPSC exam from this strategy, read


Success Story of IAS Topper Abhishek Tiwari: All those candidates who pass or are not able to pass the UPSC CSE exam have a story which tells the ups and downs of their journey. But our present-day topper Abhishek has a different story. While most of the candidates spend three-four or maximum 6 years in preparation for this exam, Abhishek has given a decade of his life i.e. about ten years for this exam. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Abhishek says that I started giving Attempts not long ago, but almost after graduation, my preparation had turned in this direction. Abhishek has spent a long part of his life in passing UPSC and other examinations.

Schooling in Bangalore

Abhishek did his schooling from the Military School of Bangalore and since then his desire to pursue a career in defense was also born. After graduation, along with graduation, Abhishek gave various examinations like NDA, NA and others but got stuck at some stage and did not get selected. From this time, he started thinking about UPSC as well and he decided that these exams will remain intact. Abhishek says that the efforts started late but he had started preparing his mind in this regard from 2011 itself and started basic preparations. He gave some special tips to pass the pre exam.

Just a book of a subject

First of all, choose books according to your syllabus. Keep in mind here that do not keep too many books on any subject, otherwise you will never be able to finish the course. According to them, the best way is to select only one book of a subject and read it all the time. So many times everything written in it should make you cry. Abhishek says that according to the syllabus it may take time to choose books but do not gather a lot of resources.

12 months 12 magazines –

After choosing standard books, come to another point and that is to read monthly magazine for current affairs. After the One Subject One Book, definitely read 12 magazines of 12 months. Apart from this, keep reading the news paper too. This is one thing that you never have to stop.

The next important point is to make notes according to Abhishek. They say that if possible, make notes of every subject, even the news paper. This makes it easier to revise in the end and when you write something after reading it becomes more definite.

Revise, revise and revise –

According to Abhishek to succeed in the pre exam, only one fund works and that is revision. They say that after finishing the course, revise it as often as possible. This will confirm your reading.

When the revision reaches a level, give a mock test. Test series are very important to succeed in this paper. One of them is your practice as well as you learn to do paper in time. Correct the mistakes that are happening in the paper in time.

Paper is required to be given in the environment of examination –

In the end, Abhishek says that in order to succeed in the pre exam, when you give a test series, give it in a completely test environment. Take it seriously and create a completely exam-like atmosphere at home. With this, your mind is ready to take the pressure of the main exam day. They say set the alarm from nine to twelve and start solving the paper. In this time, finish the paper, fill the OMR sheet etc. within the time. Abhishek also focuses a lot on filling OMR. They say that it sounds small but at times the candidate misplaces Silly and loses the number. And in this test people fail with .33 marks. Therefore, practice this also. By taking care of these small but important things, you can achieve great success.

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