IAS Success Story: Ankush, who has always topped, also maintained a record in UPSC exam and cracked exam in second attempt


Success Story of IAS Topper Ankush Bhati: Ankush Bhati is a resident of Jewar. He was born in Rampur Bangar, a small village here. Ankush’s father was in the air force and mainly used to do farming and farming work in his house. As far as Ankush’s education is concerned, his schooling is from KV and Ankush has always graduated from Birla Institute of Technology. After this, after working for a year, Ankush made up his mind to come in the field of UPSC and failed in the first attempt. After removing the deficiencies, Ankush again took the exam and in the second attempt was selected with 238th rank. In an interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Ankush talked about the preparation of Sociology optional subject.

Have received awards from the President –

When we talk about Ankush’s educational background, it is known that he was always serious about studies as well as good marks in almost every class. Ankush, who graduated from Birla Institute in Ranchi, topped the university and was also awarded the President for his achievement at that time. He was given the Gold Medal by the President of India. After this, Ankush worked for a year in an institute in Pune, but due to some reasons, he did not mind the job and after coming back home, he started preparing for UPSC exam. Despite all the efforts, his selection did not happen in the first place. Finally, in the second time Ankush made it to the final list.

Preparation of Sociology Optional –

Ankush says that UPSC syllabus is very big, but when it comes to sociology syllabus, it is not very big. Therefore, the candidates have to almost read the syllabus in the first step. One of the advantages of this is that when they choose the resource, they can see that the topic they want is in which book and which is not. Thus, the right books are selected. It is necessary to keep a limited resource, so according to the syllabus, gather only those books which are of your use. Revision can be done well with less books, so choose them carefully, do not gather the crowd.

See previous year paper –

Ankush says that the next important point is to look at previous year’s papers. This shows what kind of questions are asked from a subject. It is a different thing to know a subject and read it, but how questions are formed is a different thing. Hence, see the previous year’s paper. See also how is the distribution of Marx in them.

After this it is the turn to give mock. By giving mock, you know your actual situation and in which area is the problem. Therefore, once the preparation has reached a level, do a mock test. They also practice with you.

Do not miss anything and read current affairs –

Ankush further says that do not leave any part of the syllabus because the UPSC sometimes intermixes the topics. You think that let this topic remain and if questions arise from it, you will leave it, whereas UPSC often makes three-four questions by mixing subjects. This may cause you to leave many questions. It would be better to read all that is in the syllabus. With this, look at the newspaper daily and keep an eye on current affairs. If a new development is related to your subject, then definitely quote it in your answers as an exam.

Answer Writing Tips –

In the end Ankush asks to focus on answer writing. They say write the answers in a positive way ie in the introduction, body, conclave format. Put exams of live current affairs in them and instead of writing rote books, what are your thoughts on a topic, write them.

When the time comes to choose a question, choose a dynamic question so that the examiner sees something new in the copies. Do not fill your answers with facts, figures, quotes, but if something is original, write it down. Nobody is interested in this data facts. By taking care of these small but important things, you can also get good marks in the sociology option.

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